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Wash DC


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Dc looking nice! Just wanted to pipe in not the discussion I saw one page back. Listen to ugk, pimp and bun were real hip hop if I've ever heard it! Ridin dirty is one of the greatest albums of all time... Not to mention 8ball and mjg. Southern rap is slow and bluesy, but it's still the same funk...rip sweet jones aka pimp c

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kasr doesnt have the style to not do 3d, those letters are dog shit.


COP ASS TROLL ASS FAGGOT YOU'VE SAID 4 THINGS AND ALL HAVE BEEN RANDOM SHIT TALK ANONYMOUS FAGGOTRY.....post some of your "dope", and "ill" shit, or post some fucking pictures. You're either a cop, a gangster/tagbanger wanna be, or a 12 year old trying to act like he knows his shit at home waiting for dinn dinn....get the fuck outta here with that shit "B" ;)

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