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nobody's payin no mind to that no name anonymous ass wish-i-was-more-involved-instead-of-onlooking-before-my-midlife-crisis bullshit. stop talking about it like you're impressing anyone and clogging this thread. you talk about takin spots back go do it hypeman. talking about the newer generation doesnt hardly paint...you cant speak for everyone, just cause shit on the streets doesnt run like it did in the 90s doesnt mean there isnt atleast a handful of people steadily getting it in.

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since on here ive prob known smk the longest, im going to give my 2 cents... smk was always a cool dude and a great writer, we might not see eye to eye on some issues these days but we still mantain our friendship and respect. he was a huge influence on my generation of writers, if felon was on here he would say the same, along with shitty evade, moc/mata, myself. eke and even sope, dbs and a lot more... smk was up, red line and shitty hoods, all his fame was earned and not in this heyday of internet kingdoms... hes prob a big reason why some of you are writing today.... either way, and as always, its easy to talk from anonimity, words tends to carry more weight when you make yourself known, unless you dont carry any weight in which case you shouldnt be talking in the 1st place. either way, like most of these issues, its just toys looking for attention since they cant get them from putting in work on the streets, its better to not even respond.


MCA Originals.

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RIP Sope...


I think the real lesson we should all learn from this, is that we're all bammas in some shape or form. Acme, you's a bamma for being anonymous (not really, I'm anonymous too.) SMK, you's a bamma for talking shit online and not painting (being older isn't an excuse.) I'm a bamma because I'm writing this right now (and many other reasons.) The fact is that we're all human (except for the Chinese spambots, they're not human :heated:) and that we all have our moments of bammadom. What's so bad about that? Legalize bamma. But on the real, everytime you argue on 12oz you's tasting my dick. Word.

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SMK is hands down one of DCs best, he went all city and with style.


Actually, no, he didnt. he got up in spots, but he was far from all-city, and in my opinion, far from the best. Cast is being kind but Cast was up 100 times more than SMK, in every part of the city. Think about it: how many pics of SMK street shit have you seen and how many Cast street burners? Its about 100 to 1 in Cast's favor. I named like another 10 dudes that were up more than him. AND SMK stopped painting DC streets in the early 90s. Simply put, he's over rated. He's got nice style, good paint skills... but, dude comes online talking the dumbest shit and when someone calls him on it, your defense is the internet is fucking up the game? It is what it is. Don't come yelling at this generation about youre taking your spots back, etc. etc. and expect them to not call bullshit on your whole profile. And the reason all these dudes are coming out the woodwork to defend SMK is that whenever he opens his own mouth he sounds like an idiot.



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