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Wash DC


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man, its awesome to see so many serious bombers beginning to manifest since last year. now if we can all just keep striving, keep our mouths closed in front of jake and stay out of that wack-ass rip-off store... btw




ToyDK put these up last week around our art show and they came down within an hour or 2. and we almost caught that spanish hipster kid. dog, i dont care if youre with 50 of your boys, im coming right at you. i guess u missed the memo: ToyDK and DCBammas are dead crews. you can tag trashcans and do legal spots but you are not allowed to street bomb pushing those crews. i cant catch every white-out tag but i do know u dont have one joint bigger than a throwie on these streets and for that u can blame the weasel and the trollkin doll and the goofy-ass hipster kid. anything not pushing those crews gets to run. everyone else: PEACE!

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^^^^ true indeed....


bigups my man........



and ultra... check ya pm's man....redundant and rediculous.......................





I can't believe I slept on this shit... dude Noe's put in a ton of work. Shit knocks.

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yeah, i see u shining on yr legal wall. i do legals too. i just get paid to do em now.




i wonder whose name is better known on DC streets and what its known for? i respect legal/train cats. thing is: u think its easy on these streets. i know u hit a few street spots but recognize over 2 decades of street spots and still undefeated. u do you and ima do me. Kant Get Busted Crew...

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never doubted ya skill du...... just tired of seeing ya negative comments towards friends when you could simply address them at the store, work, the bench etc etc... just doesn't make sense to do it here is all.....ya preachin not to do the same shit YOUR DOING............

dont ya think jakes on here reading ya every word?...and there's no DMV?...WHAT?... you don't LIVE in the city either...........


but WORD! ..... we know what we're known for.....







we'll keep doing us despite what the world has to say, or TALK about.......

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