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2020...Who bringin 12 oz back??  


Posted Images

Not DC related but...


And in other news; Revok was just given 180 days in jail.


From the article about his arrest

He also was arrested in November 2009 by deputies near the 33rd Graffiti Art Store, where images of his graffiti were featured. During a later search of Williams' home, deputies found several hundred paint cans, a police badge and a fire extinguisher — a tool commonly used for applying large tags.


They also found a stolen detour sign and digital photos of his graffiti work on his phone.


Prosecutors may consider filing felony charges based on the evidence discovered during his arrest.

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man... MOST of DC writers are wimps..... you know the type.. rather sit down and have a beer with the idiot instead of breaking that same bottle over the idiots head..... yall some G's for real.. keep yappin it up........


Reko/Amen/Ultra/Che ATB........ wordup.....


no need to be mad... good to be in the know though.......


hope some of yall are "kickinit"... when karma finally catches up........


(rags your "brothers" wall thats been riding for over a decade) and yall dipshits are painting and drinkin with these clowns.....,,,

but in person.... "man.. i don't fuck with them"...... twofaced faggots.................. we'll see

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dog, i hope none of that venom is directed at me, cuz none of the reasoning behind it applies to me. dont know where that wall is, who's hand it is or anything about it. i cant stop people from putting me up.


i was here when all of yall came in and i'll be here when all of yall go out. im the fairest, straightest dude in the game. im even cool with dudes i went over or went over me, as long as everything was fair. i dont fuck with liars, fakes or Weasels. if u want the straight facts, then call me. if u want to make up little fantasies about how everybody's out to get u, then i guess post it online, cuz i aint trying to hear that shit.


and people will take u a lot more seriously if u would stop issuing woof tickets and actually cash some in.

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hha... woof tickets huh....... i believe you owe me one fool........

you toot ya horn too much money..... yap away... online.....thinkin you the "truth".......


no need to talk.. I'll let the streets speak................

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AYO.... SHUT THE FUCKUP... post pictures and keep ya bulshit to the pm's or better yet...IN PERSON....... POST PICTURES.... nobody wants to read ya paragraphs.. none of ya have been in the game long enough to be writing a book on shit......



ultra over toy by asadwalker, on Flickr



ultraburner by asadwalker, on Flickr



ultra96 by asadwalker, on Flickr



pics101 by ATByrdgang6, on Flickr



fuck the police by proborderhopper, on Flickr



aera che in philly by proborderhopper, on Flickr



reko by the train hunter, on Flickr

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:rolleyes: <<< thefuzzy

no need to talk.. I'll let the streets speak................


wrongmove retard........ difference being.. I have 20years under my belt.. been in this city for a decade and a half.. wrote in this city every year....

I'm entitled to mine... you on the other hand..... a year?


nice recycled flicks.... shall i take up the next few pages?

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i dont owe u nothing. yr either down for the cause or u aint. and u dropped my squad after we stood for u, not vice versa... yr mad cuz moe put me and the crew up? yr not down anymore so how u even gonna comment?


ive never put u down cuz u aint from dc but please dont lecture me about these streets, i grew up in them and still walk them daily (and nightly).


i have to crack dumb drunk fools in the head for my weekend job, u want me to go huntin for em too? not gonna happen.


im always gonna have love for u but damn u r fucking crazy. and believe me u know who i know and i aint the only one who thinks so... get yr shit straight.

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