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Wash DC


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well i burned ur home boy nd u but im not worried bout the other stuff dats out in dc strickly dc i have plenty of pplz wanting 2 go over u nd che so think bout it but trust me i dnt need dat much paint 2 ragg ur shyt think bout it yes ill be on da hunt with the goons dc dnt play.... u noe wat i want u 2 do it seriously i have no problem try me

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you were with people that ragged our stuff and according to "your people" that means your with them and you co signed so do what ever you want you dont have as much paint as us and you definately dont paint as much as us so good luck and if you want to take out all my stuff 1. youl have to get off the comfort of the line and stop sticking to chill spots cause we have some peices on the streets, and 2. youll have to travel because i have more outside of dc now than i do inside and tron your a fat idiot and ill fuck your ass up any day just let me know when and where the only reason i havent done so before is to try and keep some sort of peice but if you guys start ragging shit out then thats it.


dude stop actin like u go hard u dnt nd if u do ragg my shyt ill ragg urs nd if u really dnt want dat 2 happen dnt do it nd everything goin be cool nd im goin let you understand somethin kgb really dnt need ya in mind they r better with out u guys thats just wat i think

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I don't know a damn thing about this beef, nor do I want to. But, anybody who thinks they put in more work in DC than Che and Aera is seriously hallucinating on some good shit. These cats got more shit running than anybody in DC, period. That's just obvious when you roll around town. I can think of very few other DC writers in recent history who've even done a street level fill-in at all, when these fools do several per week.


Whether someone can "burn" Che and Aera is subjective, at best, and I don't think that either of them really give a fuck anyways. Just sayin'.


ps. I'm not trying to fan the flames, just stating what I know to be fact.

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I think we all know who's up and who's not......end of story. Get off your sorry little computer and go paint.


If you're talking to me, you'd better ask somebody. Really though.


If not, then disregard this. No disrespect, but I paint plenty.


And btw, my computer's pretty fresh, so don't be raggin' on it.

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