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Wash DC


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I don't know what you were thinking going over me and dissing me on that rooftop. You know who you are. Don't expect that shit to run.



I am so sorry. Please... what can I do to make up for it? I will give you all my cans and quit right now? Just say the word.

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Stolen from SF thread. Seen the same Pez hands around DC just older and mostly buffed out. Gotta be the same Pez unless someone has completly jacked the DC Pez's style.





Pez US is an OG in the bay and NYC. I don't know anything about a DC Pez, but Pez from California has been putting it down since the early 90's, if not before then. If Pez has ever been through DC, he'd definitely be running here.


He's also the same Pez who paints with Mize and was featured in the NY book "Autograf."


Flicks stolen from Jocelyn and Funknjazz.



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then you dont dc history, pez was an active member of naa in the early 90s.


You're right. I know very little about DC history, as I've only lived here a short time.


I guess the world's a much smaller place now than it was back then (internet, etc.) Word travels fast now if somebody writes the same word as somebody else, even if it's thousands of miles from home. Back then, as I'm sure you know, you'd have to travel to these places or know people from there (and without flicks, that was only hearsay.)That's why I'm glad that you posted those. It would be cool to see more if you've got them.


By the way, no disrespect to DC Pez. It seems that both Pez's are official. I heard there's also a Pez in Madrid or Barcelona.


Anybody else with classic DC pics, post them please.

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