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Wash DC


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no doubt. From here on out no more cloggin' wash dc its already got enough bullshit talk and pictures in it, no more responses. im just sick of the yappin' when there is no need for that considerin' a couple of you could almost be my pops this isn't high school, and its sad that your notice is still only attributed to starting beef/drama/riding coat tails of people really tryin to keep this shit goin' go walk some blocks in the city so then you actually atleast have a reason to be posted in this thread. fuck

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I’ve been trying to settle this through PM’s since I don’t think it should be anyone’s business other than those directly involved but since people are still posting shit up regarding this I feel the need to explain. Chances are this will not make a difference but at least the record will be set straight. First, TurkeySlayer is one of our younger member’s and wasn’t up to date on the fact I was trying to address all this via PM’s. He now knows and will not be talking any more shit publicly. Awaken is a friend of ours and has been for a long time as has dbc. I don’t agree with a lot of what dbc said on here and think he is an idiot for doing so, especially the Myer comments. And when I asked him about that he didn’t even remember that he had written it. But neither of them has painted for many years and we never asked either of them to get on here and say a thing. They were friends with Amok and were upset as well when they heard people were talking shit about him so they got on here and did what they did. One good thing to come out of all this is they have been inspired to pick the cans back up. I sent BowToMe a PM asking who he is because I’ve asked everyone in our crew if it was them and they all said no. I’m waiting to hear back.


Cast – Dark has been my boy for a long time and I got his back but I will admit he shouldn’t have gone over you. I’m not sure what that was about or why he did it. I’ve asked him and he didn’t really have an explanation although he did admit he probably shouldn’t have. It would be nice if you were still around so you two could have handled this and it would have been nipped in the bud. But you’re not and so Che went over us like he should have reppin his crew. I assume you piece has been fixed but don’t know because I have not been back down there yet but I did offer to go back and fix it. I know that wouldn’t change the fact Dark did what he did but that is the best I myself can offer. Unfortunately Dark doesn’t really care.


Ultra – I kept our conversations in the PMs where they should have been kept but you felt the need to post up for everyone to read what you want them to read as well as that picture. That is some straight bitch ass snitch shit. You banning us from writing in DC is a joke. We never wanted to take DC nor have we attempted to do so. If we started hitting the city and the new KGB writers didn’t do it would you yourself actually hit the streets to go over us?? I highly doubt it. This originally started because yungun whoever he is started talking trash to you on here and for reasons still unknown to us he posted up pics of our work. We don’t know who he is and had nothing to do with that and didn’t know any of this was even going on. I’ve tried contacting yungun but he never replied. We have checked out the couple people we thought it could be and it wasn’t any of them. So yungun if you’re reading this man up and let me know why you fronted like you were one of us. Once Dark went over Cast is when we became involved. When I first started writing back in high school I saw both your and Cast’s work all over DC and had a lot of respect for you guys. But posting up peoples faces is some informant shit and I have lost all respect for you. Cast I still respect and is the only person in this whole situation who rightfully should have a problem and it should be with Dark. But we all have our boy’s backs so it is understandable that the rest of the crews get involved. Ultra I know you don’t give a shit and have said you’re done talking and when you see Dark it is on so what will be will be.


Fant – Everything I’ve discussed with you in the PM’s is real talk as you youngsters like to say. Again I will say that in my opinion Bent going over you with Amok was wrong of him on many levels. You didn’t go over Ales like he thought you did and he shouldn’t diss someone using Amok’s name if he is putting it up out of respect for our friend who is no longer with us. But that is on him and like I’ve mentioned to you he has his own stuff going on. The “fuck your dead friend” on the wall over Bent in retaliation obviously pissed him and the rest of us more than anything else in this whole mess. I’ve told you what we want in order to end this and given you several options on how we could go about it. You said you were going to go see Dark at his work here on the forum and on the wall but you wont. If you want them to come to you I will let them know and will tell you when they will be there.


Snek – You went over us with Fant and therefore became involved. I would have done the same if I was in your shoes because I have my boy’s backs. Other than that none of us have a problem with you. We have watched you and Fant develop your styles over the years since we paint the same spots and I think you have progressed well. That legal piece at the dog park shows some real skills. Keep doing what you’re doing.


Che, Aera & the rest of the new KGB – You guys are killing the city and it is great to see a graff scene coming back to our capital and you all are a big reason why it is. We have no beef with you guys and hope to see you guys still crushing when you are our age.


Two last topics I want to address. For those wondering why we went over Fant and Snek and ruined your commute eye candy, what would you have done if they disrespected your dead friend? And sorry to disappoint because we didn’t piece that spot. I always thought to diss correctly you just go over the person and let them know it was you. That is what we did. And if anyone wants to go see Dark at his work, stop talking about it and do it.


And last, yes there are much better known writers out there writing Ghost and Dark and we have respect and admiration for them. We are not trying to bite them or trying to capitalize on their fame. Chances are there are several writers around the world writing the same thing as you are. I thought of the name Ghost 15 years ago when I picked up my first can. I didn’t know a thing about any other writer other than the local ones I saw up. When I did learn more about the history of graf and realized there was a very famous Ghost RIS the thought did occur to me that maybe I should write something different but I had already been writing those letters for a couple years, had grown attached to them and I never thought a day would come where someone would compare me to him. I’m nowhere near in the same league as him and doubt I ever will be. I thought about dropping the H or the T but turns out people were writing those variations as well so I said fuck it. I will be the VA Ghost. Dark was writing his name a couple years before me which was way before the Dark you guys are referring to and cares less about what people think than I do so he doesn’t give a fuck. We don’t paint to please people, especially the people sitting behind a computer talking trash.


And with that I’m done here and will get back to painting. If any body wants to talk to me just send me a PM. I’ve tried to work this out like I thought it should be but realize when there are this many egos involved it is beyond me. I wont be going over anyone unless they go over me and I hope to see everyone of you getting up because that is what it is all about.


GhostOne - Taking Care of Business

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look i can predict the future, in 2 weeks one of you bitches is going to pm one of us and say"nobody knows who bowtome is, but if we find him hes getting beat up" and try to make peace... you only done it like 3 times...


say hi to momma, oh wait, keep forgetting...


pretty damn close prediction!







To VA's fake Ghost:


Bowtome did it again!


He followed you, stood in the middle of the highway flicking the spot after you all were done and posted flicks on the forum that same night. One day you will catch him and beat his ass! Yungun too!



You gave Fant several options to make up with you guys? Fuck that i'll pick up that debt. No one owes you an apology. You can start apologizing by quiting graff altogther and never post on the forum or send PMs again. No more dbc, bowtome, ChomiumCrusher, yungun, turkeyslayer. No more TCB flicks ever. You old toys try to make up for the fact you hardly paint by posting here. Like a teenage girl posting pictures of herself at a night club on facebook - pretending shes somebody.

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Then you must not be TCB. Criminals in Action?...Did you rip that off from KRS-One?



Listen up TurkeyBaster,



You're stepping to the wrong motherfucker; if you have something to say, then say it to my face; otherwise go back to Great Falls and STFU!



"CIA...I'll see ya later!"- Zack de la Rocha


BTW, it was Zack de la Rocha who coined the term originally; Inside Out was the best shit ever live!




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TCB: The Essay


Cliff Notes:


1) Everyone who claims to be TCB isn't, we're kool guys, we'd never say mean things like that! I don't know who those rude peeps are but they are silly! it's just a coincidence they take flicks of TCB stuff the moment it's finished where you can see the paint is still wet!


2) Cast - My boy doesn't care about you because you're in some other country somewhere, history-shmistory, ya dig?.


3) Ultra - I'm scared, and have no idea who Yungun is, even though I rented Love Actually and split a box of Franzia with him just the other night.




5) Snek - I oughta be mad at you but nawwwwww duuuuude you're so gooood at graphhhhh i am soooo gaaaaaaay.


6) Rest of KGB: see Snek


7) We mad, Great Falls is hard as fuck.


8) Chomp chomp chomp.


9) Mandatory "Imma go get rep while u on the interwebz, yo" conclusion.



On the real this shit is comedy to me... I got jokes for days.

Whats up y'all. :cool:

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