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Wash DC


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We don't want peace we want Fant and Snek.


Thats funny cuz i have a pm that says this from one of your boys.....


yo as i said we should squash the shit. No reason to continue this over a misunderstanding. We can all meet up tonight and go rock shit together side by side. No beef or problems. We can ride to **** and meet up at ****.

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Oh yeah, I almost forgot. A funny thing happened on my way to the Brickskeller last night. Two fags were outside the Fireplace, and i heard one of them say, "Yeah, I dont know who FANT or SNEK are, but I hear those boys suck a mean dick."--TCB


look simple enough i told you the building i live in if you really are about them words you already woulda been here, im not driving to bumfuck great falls to waste time on possible cops or what the fuck ever, i dont give a fuck about your beef bullshit your mans hit me "tryin to end it and to stop dissing eachother" "not feelin right about it" about shit i got a lot more important shit in my life then your hurt feelings, if you want it you can come and wait tonight i honestly dont give a fuck, asswhoppin' or not imma get one of you motherfuckers, eye for an eye, come with all 17 split pseudo-names/personalities thats tight, a whole group of 30 year old men e-flammin' about SUPPOSEDLY tryin to find someone a decade younger when you already know where they are. WOMP WOMP, dont you have families and shit? mid-life crisis? stop e-trippin' if you really wanna do shit come on, but stop yappin' and im sorry no more shit other then PM you dudes are just humorous man.

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