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Wash DC


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Demon - Dont stress the color of the writers in the city. stress on your West Virginia teeth. its not too late for adult braces son.


Dear, 12 Year Old Toy,


Yaaaawwwnn. get over it dude. never spoke to ya, never knew ya (exept that photo of you getting chumped at corcoran, I think Care and Cram showed me that one way back in the day). although i gotta say, i AM flattered that youd dream up a beef with me just to catch a little fame, that IS kinda awesome, thanks. But get the wax outta yer ears, i said DC got mad seperation but we all came together under this graff shit HOLLER... buy the DVD and study up, my young understudy.


anyway, what else... OH YEAH!! ran into Penis-One down in the tropics and he says 'please tell whoever this dude is to keep my name out of his mouth and off his posts'. Im assuming Stren and the rest of the crew feel the same way. I do believe youve been excommunicated, my son ... ouch.


but please keep posting though, the Wire's cancelled and we do need some free entertainment.


Signed, lovingly,

-Demon 202



























if any of these happen to be reposts, ya'll are just gonna haveta sue me, "the net is vast..."

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well shit, like you said, i gotta learn the rules lol i mean i talk to alot of people..


but im sorry, i like to lock my self in a box and you know


goto school cause if i fuck that up, im not a kid nomore, i just smoke herb you know, it makes you high


lets paint haha

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It reads.... "Dc embraces GRAFFITI"...... with a bunch of albus calvus walls ...... pfffftttttt....

Where's the GRAFFITI?.....


oh..i just heard it on one of those radio commercials dc embraces graffiti...but of course they wouldnt glorify what some of us are imfamous for...im glad i didnt go buy the post then thanks boogie

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dont entertain stories that are fiction. there is no fame in thinking Demons a Duke Ellington legal wall pussy with West Virginia teeth. Penis One and the crew have been down painters for a long time. no one brought Penis One into anything. meet the present and the future, this aint highschool anymore.



thats sect bitch - not sev - not seva







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