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insomnia rulz

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since 8am monday, i've gotten SEVEN hours of sleep.

my brain tingles. art sucks.

it's obvious that i'm lightyears ahead of everyone in all of my classes. nearly all of my instructors have told me this straight up.

yet i must spend four years of my life proving this, to people who are already aware of it. and this process is costing me thousands of dollars.

someone find the logic in this and make me feel better.


ysterday at 4:30 am the tv started BREATHING. does this mean i have HPPD?


the hookers across the street are fighting again. their pimp, "sarge" brought a retarded lady home yesterday to fuck her. like, bent arms/drooling/"ANGHANGHANGH" retarded. "i love me a white woman." people are scum.


am i the only one who wouldn't mind watching this man die?


that dirty freckled jewyorican hasn't the faintest what culture and community (2 things he's constantly jabbering about) are. your friends do coke. awesome. so does everyone else. they just don't take pictures of it because they're not stupid.


this girl i know had to go to the ER yesterday cause she got a condom stuck way up in her. the fat black nurse lady said "honey, next time just push it out, like you tryna have a baby."



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dude, i've had insomnia since way back. that brain tingling shit goes away. then you start questioning reality, that fades, then you just learn to deal with it. like i'm doing now. catching up on work, watching movies, playing on the computer. bleh. i've gotta travel tomorrow evening.

fuckin' a.

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I'm so tired but I cant sleep and its been this way for a whlie now. I'm bored and its pouring rain. I even bought a fucking brand new 50$ pillow today. (on sale for 14.99) UUUGH SOMEONE GIVE ME SOME SLEEPING PILLS.

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hmmm i don't know, dude was sure nice to me i don't understand the hate.

Then again you live across the street from hookers


Lightyears eh? Pretentious much.


Whatever though, i'm an insomniac, i thought drinking would help me go to sleep.

But it only keeps me up, i'm more awake than ever.

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pretty much all I drink is beer or coffee so I don't know what fucks up my schedule but I'm usually awake for around 29-50 hours at a time and then I sleep for around 12-14 hours...

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