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Just because......

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So it went down like so:




shouts* Hey babe! .... BABE!! ........... WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU STUPID BITCH GET THE FU oh hey.


Check this out, I found a picture on the interweb of a crab and I put some words around it. I know youre a cancer and everything so I thought you would like it!




GF: What the fuck is this? Am I just supposed to gobble your cock because you took a few seconds to put some bullshit around a stupid fucking crab?! What the fuck do you expect from me? I hope youre not planning to show this off to your stupid lil 12oz friends or whatever the fuck it is you do on here all day.




GF: GOD youre always doing some stupid shit. First I gotta stay up aaaall nite worried because you wanna write your name on shit and now this? You wanna know the truth youre not even that fucking good. Youre, whats that name for it? oh yea. A FUCKING TOY. Spend all our money and that montana shit and for stupid lil tags that dont even look good. Yea youre something special..... You know what fuck you and your stupid graffiti shit, Im going back to ATWW at least he knew how to fuck.


*door slams






















...at least 12oz is still here for me

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