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How do you get your paint?

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I go to the store and buy it, no one has ever stopped me ( except for the one store in my area that sells montana). I didn't even know it was illegal.

Some of my friends rack, but i've already got two misdemeanors and if i'm gonna get introuble painting it sure as hell ain't gonna be for racking the paint. Also I got a job and can aford paint most of the time.

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I buy....all the time.


I respect professional individuals that rack for a living. i have no qualms about what they do. Whatever works for them does the job.


Me, i'm no good at stealing shit. I get a cold sweat racking a pack of gum.


Doing the math, i figure paying $30-100 for a goodie little stash of paint is all good compared to the thousands you'll spend on fines, court costs, lawyer fees and time lost to community service for racking a couple cans from the hardware store.

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just about every question on technique has already been asked so why not as how people get their paint maybe the next thread could be where is your computer kept in your house or do you eat dinner with your family around the table or the tv. i mean people want to know this shit


also why do kids think that people on the internet want to think of tags for them

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