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Carrying paint, harnesses, bags, etc..


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Evidently you couldn't tell that he was being sarcastic too.

As for "buttbuddies", is that really the best you can do?


The way I see it, around here, they're going to be looking for someone carrying a shopping bag of paint or a backpack, if I'm not carrying anything, it's less suspicious?


Also, you make out like I'm obsessed with some game, just because I happen to take ONE concept from it that I think hold merit and ask whether it's feasible. It's not like I've played a Tony Hawk's skate game and asked "can u rely do a triple kick-flip-mctwist-900?!?" or some stupid shit like that.


What is it with all the hate? Not get enough attention offline?

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I knew he was bein sarcastic, but it seemed like he thought ilb was serious.


If you're walkin' around at 3 in the mornin, and a cop drives by, a big hoody to cover up a

harness will be just as suspicious as a backpack.


And how the hell you gonna drop the harness when you need to run?


Think a couple of steps ahead.

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As I mentioned in one of the post here, when I'd discussed it a bit, I wouldn't wear a hoody (hell, in many places in the UK it's virtually illegal to do so!), I'd wear a duffel coat or similar.


If you're out at 3am in this part of the world, it's godsdamned cold, so to be wearing a bulky coat with layers underneath is pretty normal.


However, you raise a valid point about dropping it. I'm just wondering whether I'd realistically drop a bag if I had one. It'd probably be easy to run with a harness on if it was well made.


I'm thinking though that a harness would possibly be a good way to avoid having to run unless you were actually caught red-handed. What do you reckon?

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I'm sure I'll just get hated on some more, but what the hell, eh?




Edit: I just noticed Forecastfox telling me the temperature outside - to prove my point about how cold it is up here at night - it's currently 2C outside.

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If im in a risky place, i take a THANK YOU FOR SHOPPING plastic bag with me and stick it behind something as i work. If its a secure spot ill use a normal backpack. A harness could work in a safe spot, if you want to keep your cans close you your heart while you work or something. Out on a street with the risk of a cop driving by, even with a big jacket, thats a hella fat front you will be packing, and if its so cold people layer up so much, you will prob be freezing with the missing layers to look normal. Cool idea though if it was legal to paint, might look pretty styling.

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never played the game so i dont know what the hell the harness is...

sounds fucking gay though

just take a backpack/shopping bag/ messenger bag and book it if your seen

oh yeah and ummmm



Speaking a little too soon aren't u? The thread still isnt closed.



Harness sounds like a shit idea. just backpack. but wrap the cans in a towel or something to stop them flying around and hitting each other.

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Well at least now I got some responses that were worth the time it took to read them.


I might do a sketch of the harness I have in mind, as it's not quite as obvious as that one, that one was just like, the inspiration.

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Dude, he wants to lick your asshole

What's with all the gay-bashing on here? Are you guys all self-loathing closet homosexuals? Not comfortable with yourselves?


I also really like how you guys bitch and whine about the same old questions, only to bitch and whine when a new question comes up!

But if it makes you feel better about yourselves..

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I have no idea what the fuck you were trying to get across with that last message, other than that you think I'm a herb.


Some of us went to school and like to use it to get our point across so we don't have to spend three forum pages trying to explain wtf we're talking about.

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By the sounds of it, no one has. I know some other better graf artists from another area who have also expressed an interest in harnesses, but they'd all be idiot toys compared to the ultra-amazing people on here, I'm sure.. After all, anyone who's not been here for years is clearly an idiot, going no-where and should fuck off and die, right?


Edit: Cool bag, Clonedmulestew.

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