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i opened an art gallery

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hello friends.


i opened an art gallery in hong kong with a mini ramp inside.






right now i am displaying some artwork by Simon Birch. a very good homie here in the kong, and a sick ass motherfucking painter. i'm not selling his art. but it's in my space. the gallery that displays his art is next door to my space and we had an opening last week that was a combination of both spaces. this is somewhat irrelevant to the point of my post.




check out his website. dude is pretty nasty with the oil paints.




so actually... my space isnt really and art gallery. its isn't even a business. i'm not sure what to call it. me and some friends basically wanted an indoor air conditioned mini ramp, so we rented a space and built one.


but now i have this big room with 17ft tall ceilings of nice white walls to write my name all over, hang up pretty pictures, project halo deathmatch sessions onto etc.


do you know what i think would be cool?


of course you don't...


i think it would be cool if some of my talented arteest 12oz homies shipped me some artwork to sell in my new gallery! (there's a multitude of extremely wealthy dipshits here who think graffiti is totally hip and TOTALLY EXTREME and i plan on exchanging artwork with them for some of their not so hard earned cash!


i have absolutely no idea how to make a project like this happen.


would i have to pay the fed ex bill for all you motherfuckers shitty spraycan art canvas? fuck that! well i don't know. maybe i would. i don't really know how something like this would work. it would be pretty cool tho, right?


maybe i could find some sponsors and fly some people out for live painting... siiiiick. i know that sounds far fetched but really it's not. trust me. i'm fuckin down like that in the kong, sonnnnnnnn.


maybe some of you have some advice for me on how to maximize the total awesomeness of my new place.


you can go here to see some more flix and some video footage




love always,



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Why dont you ask for pictures first of the work and then get it shipped if you like it? Getting the artists thier money is the harder part and you should do some research on how much of a cut galleries take from the sale... Just some pointers. Running a show was pretty hard for me I cant imagine running a gallery...

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you didnt show me the ramp painted; it looks reallllly nice, and that space is just ridiculous.


this is an exciting project/idea. It could turn out auhhhsum.

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Dude, you're ballin'!!! That is seriously fucking awesome man, congrats.


I'd love to send you some shit, but all I'm good for is drawing robots, and the japanese have that shit down on lock, I couldn't possibly offer them anything.

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crackman, have u actually seen those in DG? haha! that's sick.


seeks. do you think this warrants the possibility of being brought to senor raven's attention?


would just like some insight from creative/intelligent people who know how to make things happen. the opportunites are pretty endless.


and i'd actually be able to display art in the hallways on my floor of the building. it's a warehouse. i couldn't keep it up long term obviously, but i could display it at an openeing. what i mean is that i basically have close to unlimited wall space.

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25% for a gallery is the usual standard cut. With HONG KONG i haven't got a damn clue, storefronts there are mad expensive.


Oh dude fly your American cousin back to the motherland PLEASE. I've never been.

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