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who is bozo texino documnetary TOUR...

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If you love trains, Hobo Monikar Art & Rail riding- this is a great documentary to see.!




This article reveals an important aspect of train writing - that it was practiced by railroad employees as often as by hoboes themselves - and even identifies Bozo Texino as one J.H. McKinley, a Missouri Pacific engineer who adopted the moniker as his own, adding the cowboy caricature. As Daniel notes, "The development of boxcar art has been enriched by the two-way influence between tramps and trainmen. Although they are from two different classes, their drawings share common themes: frontier identity, freedom, and fantasy." Whereas in McKinley's day hobo graffiti functioned as code as well as cartoon, today the informational aspect has all but vanished. The site-specific icons are "a totally dead language," according to Daniel, who characterizes today's train writing as "purely tagging, it's about identity." The loss of the visual code points to the fragmented state of today's hobo community. "Like the rest of society, it's so fractured," observes Daniel, "There's no cohesion, people don't really take care of each other, there just isn't the kind of brotherhood there once was, or so the histories would have us believe." Nevertheless, hobo culture persists into the present day, in a fashion somewhat removed from the romanticized images once created by Jacks London and Kerouac.


Daniel, who has been a rail-rider for the past ten years, is quick to stress the harsh realities of contemporary freight-hopping, from the physical discomfort of sleeping in snow and occasionally in jail, to the threat of violence from psychotics like Robert Silveria and "jackrollers," predators who attack or kill others for their gear. Daniel warns that rail-riders must be wary of "streamliners" - tramps traveling without gear - as they are likely to be jackrollers. The act of freight-hopping itself has become more hazardous as well, due to faster trains which rarely stop and increased yard security augmented by infrared scopes and remote video. Despite the increasingly perilous nature of rail-riding, the culture still exists, although the classic hobo, or migrant worker by choice, has all but disappeared.


In the old days, there was an unofficial pecking order in the freight-hopping community - the working hobo on top, the tramp, who wanders but doesn't work, in the middle, and the bum, who is often alcoholic and remains in one place, on the bottom. Today, the hobo hierarchy mainly consists of its bottom two rungs: tramp and bum. The majority of contemporary rail-riders are "stamp tramps," or traveling, non-working stiffs who scam the food stamp system from state to state, often on a planned schedule. Daniel notes that since food stamps are going high-tech with personalized credit cards, or being abolished altogether, there may be a revival of the working hobo. "Maybe you'll see hoboes come back, because guys will decide they still want to live out there, and when they come into town and can't get stamps, they'll wash windows or pick up trash." The true latter-day inheritors of the hobo work ethic, however, are largely Latino migrant workers, illegal immigrants who ride the rails in search of work. Generally ostracized by prejudiced Anglo tramps, the Latinos have not significantly incorporated traditional hobo rituals into their lifestyles.

here is the schedule so check it out...

oct 4 wed Madison WI THE SPECTACLE 402 east mifflin st

oct 5 thrs Chicago IL HEARTLAND CAFE 7000 n glenwood, 9:00

oct 6 fri Chicago IL HEAVEN GALLERY 1550 Milwaukee Ave 8pm

oct 7 sat Columbus OH SURLEY GIRLL SALOON (pending)

oct 8 sun Bloomington IN BOXCAR BOOKS

oct 9 mon Ann Arbor MI BLUISH BARN

oct 10 tues Detroit Rock City TRUMBULLPLEX 4210 Trumbull Ave 8pm

oct 11 wed Windsor ONT ARTCITE artcite.ca

oct 12 thrs London ONT UWO, Artlab Gallery, 7pm

oct 13 fri Toronto ONT CINECYCLE 129 Spadina Ave, down the lane 8:00

oct 15 sun Buffalo NY HALLWALLS 8:00

oct 16 mon binghamton?

oct 17 tues Salem MA FEED YOUR HEAD BOOKS 272 Essex St

oct 18 wed Providence RI AS220 as220.org 9:00

oct 19 thrs Boston MA BALAGAN at Coolidge Corner 9:30

oct 20 fri Easthampton MA FLYWHEEL ARTS 8:15

oct 21 sat Brunswick ME FRONTIER, explorefrontier.com

oct 22 sun Montreal, QB LE KOP SHOP 111 Roy East 5:00 & 8:00

oct 23 mon Portland ME SPACE GALLERY space538.org 7:30

oct 24 tues Montpelier VT LANGDON ST CAFE

oct 25 wed Bard College

oct 26 thrs Syracuse NY THURSDAY SCREENERS Gifford Aud. HBC, SU, 8:00

oct 27 fri new haven?


oct 29-30 brooklyn? -- etc?

oct 31 tues Ithaca NY ITHICA COLLEGE

nov 1 wed philly?

nov 2 thrs Baltimore MD ADAM STAB PRESENTS tba

nov 3 fri Wash DC PROVISIONS LIBRARY 7:00

nov 4 sat Charlottesville VA ART ACROSS THE BRIDGE 7:00&9:00

nov 5 sun Richmond VA GALLERY 5 7:30

nov 6 mon Asheville NC tba

nov 7 tues Knoxville TN THE PILOTLIGHT

nov 8 wed Chattanooga TN Tom Foote Presents

nov 9 thrs Atlanta GA EYEDRUM 9:00

nov 10 fri Athens GA FLICKER BAR 8:30

nov 11 sat Savannah GA SENTIENT BEAN

sun 12 Birmingham AL tba

most shows are $5-10 sliding scale



he also sells the dvd there for 15 bucks its worth it,


has good footage and interveiw with john easley, herby and grandpa...

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i was gonna start a thread on this.... its an awesome documentary... the cinema is so grainy and raw... if you like fr8s even (probably even if you dont) a little bit you will LOVE this movie...

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