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A tall willowy figure of man, Sir William "Baron" Latimer is known and feared throughout the land. His ambidextrousity enables him to use a selection of weapons and cutlery in either, frequently both, hands. This dread talent allows him to bear down upon his foes like some apocalyptic lawnmower, steel flashing in from all directions. Surviving opponents often tell of the harrowing experience and their developed phobias of windmills and abattoirs. Sir William is currently the Battle Captain in the Lion Rampant, that is, he is in charge of safety and the training of all combatants both veteran and new. The position itself lends respect as does the Latimer family trait of selling the property belonging to other people, quite often when they are still living there. Because of this, Sir William finds he is excluded from many of the banquets hosted by his neighbourly barons, mainly because they wish to wake up their own beds the next morning.


Latimer wears a combination of plate and mail armour, giving speed, agility and above all armpit ventilation. He is proficient with most blades and has a soft spot for the quarterstaff.




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Baron's New "Bullet Tach"

This is the accessory you've all been waiting for! Baron's universal Bullet Tach features a compact "snub-nosed" design with styling that provides a sleek but aggressive look to your bike. Uniquely designed, Baron's Bullet Tach can mount in several locations on the handlebar, accommodating other accessories that a rider may have already installed.

Our assembly comes complete with an accurate, electronic mini-tach that will provide you with the desired rpm information at a glance. Concealed wiring routes from bottom of tach handlebar clamp and connects easily to your bike's ignition coils with provided crimp-on connectors.



Will fit all motorcycles with 1-inch handlebars, with or without windshields. Retail cost is $199.95 each. A totally custom look that's fully functional!


Now available with a white-faced dial option (click on above photo) and in sizes to fit either 1-1/4" or 1-1/2" handlebars. If you have any questions or wish to place an order, please feel free to call us toll-free or use our online secure ordering system

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