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So, there's this girl...

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I used to date like a year and a half ago. She was mad cool, mad cute, and we used to have fun but I was just a douchebag and always cheated on her, didn't take her serious at all. So I met a new girl (the one I'm with now), dumped the first chick and that should be it right? See, the problem is I never fucked this first girl, and even now I still wish I had. We still talk every once in awhile, and even though I've got my girl and she's got her boyfriend (who knows my girl by the way), it's pretty obvious I still could if I wanted to


Now, I know the right thing to do is just forget about it and not talk to her...but look at it like this. Me and the girlfriend aren't technically together right now anyways since she wanted me to reevaluate my priorities, or some shit....so really if I wanted to I could, right? Also, I look at it like this...if I don't do this I'll always wonder what if, and that might affect our relationship someday, no?


Obviously I'm gunna do whatever I'm gunna do regardless, but I'd like you guys to discuss anyways

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I was all ready to tell you about how I think you're allright over all but you would be a douchebag to hit it with the ex... till I saw that you are separated from your girl...SMASH THAT PUSSY!

















































but know that your girl and her man will eventually find out.

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Wanna talk about peeing in teh butt? Lemme hook up a few pictures for you guys








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AyeBee....fuck it, just cheat on your new girl and get with the one that "got away"


i'm sure that's what you want to hear

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if your girl finds out you hit the other girl up

she will probably make a big deal of it.

Females thrive on drama.


And if she dont that only means 1 of 3 things

1) she really dont give a shit about you

2) she is sleeping with someone

3) she will not hesitate to do the same


I say smash. Just know what you getting into

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