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this topic is for all the people that ask dumb questions about etch n were to get it and how to use it so on and so fourth. there are millions etch topics and all i have to say is screw them.


with this topic it will be a new era of a board without millions of etch topics so if you need to no enything about etch without the bother of searchin the millions of eetch topics to find what you need.


yess we all no etch is dangerous blah blah blah its rele not that dangerous just if u get it on yourinse with sum warm water and you will be fine its not like your arm will fall off.


il start the topic off with a few of the most answerd questoins witch you should answer


1)wat is the exact concistency of etch and vinegar do u need 1 part etch 2 part vinegar or vice versa i honestly dont know could sum1 tell me.


2)etch will never burn though your marker it doesent react with plastic


3)were to buy etch internet or diy store



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