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R.I.P. lily tran

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Lily Duong aka Lily Tran, 23, was shot to death September 9th, 2006.


Case status is open and active.




September 9th, 2006 marked the deadliest day on Edmonton streets in the city's criminal history.


It also marked day the life was taken from an aspiring model who was said to be with the wrong people in the wrong place at the wrong time.



Two men had been stabbed to death earlier in the day, marking the city's 19th and 20th murders of the year.


Then, just as the day was drawing to a close, police responded to an 11:30 p.m. call that a woman and two men had been shot. The metro region's murder meter rolled over its third digit in less than 24 hours.


A triple shooting had taken place at Argyll Road and 76th Avenue.


When police arrived, a 23-year-old female driver was found dead lying on the road beside a black Mercedes, described variously as a C-class or an $82,000 SLK-500 roadster.


One male passenger in the front seat was grazed by a bullet. An 18-year-old male passenger in the back behind the driver's seat was wounded in the throat.


The second man was rushed to hospital where he remains in critical but stable condition. He was expected to survive his injuries.


Police interviewed a witness who said the incident was a drive-by shooting that happened when a van pulled alongside a car stopped for a red light.




Moments before, the man had driven by the Mercedes. He said one of its passengers rolled down a window and stared at him.


Moments later, four or five shots were heard, described by an ear-witness and gun collector the Edmonton Sun spoke to as being small in calibre.


Police immediately issued an alert to other police forces in the metro region asking them to be on the lookout for an older black van that was spotted leaving the scene.


The gang unit was quickly brought in to assist homicide detectives on the case.


60909_argyll1_es.jpg The Edmonton Sun was the first to report that the woman's boyfriend, Stephen Anthony Pillon -- the man grazed by the bullet, was out on bail after being charged with the murder of Kenyon Joseph Gardiner.


EMS personnel attend to a man grazed by a bullet.


Gardiner was shot and stabbed on May 15th, 2005 during a house party at 9742 152 Street. Four others were also shot, stabbed or both during the melee.


Police caught up with Pillon, now 22, in Vancouver and charged him with second-degree murder, aggravated assault and possession of a weapon.


An associate of Pillon, Brandon Neil Prevey, was charged with second-degree murder and ten other offences in connection with Gardiner's death.


Police said the woman was likely not the intended target of a shooting they described as "well-organised."


A spokesman for Alberta Justice said Pillon's involvement in the shooting may see him return to jail.


"The Crown will be making application for bail review, on the ground the accused is in breach of his bail conditions," said Bart Johnson who declined to elaborate.


Pillon was released on bail on April 21st, 2006. His trial was scheduled for December 4th.



On September 12, 2006 police identified the victim as Lily Bich Van Duong (Tran). An autopsy was scheduled for the next day.


In a later statement, police said "At this time it does not appear that the victim was directly involved in gang activity; however, she was knowingly associating with persons involved in gangs."


"All along the police talk about the dangers of being associated with gangs," a police spokesman said.


"People who choose to associate with (people involved in gangs) are putting themselves in danger."



Police said there was no indication the three murders of September 9th, 2006 were related.


The day's mayhem drew heavily on police service resources as all available homicide detectives were working overtime in an effort to identify suspects and lay charges.


boyd_mike.jpg Speaking to the media, Chief Mike Boyd said he was concerned with the violence and the possibility of retaliation in the drive-by shooting in particular.


"We need to all be concerned in our community. But you know Edmonton is a safe city ... I think we've gone four or five weeks now without a single homicide," he said.


"(But) one homicide is one homicide too many as far as I'm concerned. We need help to solve these crimes -- we need to help the victims find justice."


Edmonton mayor Stephen Mandel said the day's flurry of killings was a statistical aberration.


"Hopefully, this isn't any kind of a new trend and police will move ahead and solve these and get on with ensuring that our people feel safe," Mandel said.


"The chief hasn't given me any reason in our discussions to think there's any more violence on the horizon."



Within hours of her death, a shrine grew at the intersection where the woman was killed. Before official word from police, the world soon knew who she was: Lily Duong, an Edmonton-born model with a world-wide following.


tran_lily_shrine_es.jpg tran_lily_bs.jpg Known professionally as Lily Tran, Duong was a successful model with an international fan-base on the import car circuit.


Those who knew her said she was smart, articulate ... and lived a fast-paced glamourous lifestyle.


A friend of Duong's, Krystal Polk, was in a car in front of the Mercedes when the shooting occurred.


It was Polk who pulled Lily out of the sports vehicle, and she said her friend took a few breaths before succumbing to injuries.


"I ran to her door and she fell into my arms," Kristal told the Sun.


She said Lily appeared to have a pulse, "But she didn't wake up ... She was the sweetest person in the world."


Friends said Duong was funny and extremely likable, and described her death as senseless. They were also in disbelief that her death was being treated as "gang-related."


"She was a fairly quiet, sweet girl -- nobody I'd ever expect would get tied up with drug gangs, which is what this looks like," said a photographer who did a photo shoot with Duong a few months prior to her death.


"Probably just in with the wrong crowd."


Duong had been working recently as a cocktail waitress at a west-end Sawmill Prime Rib and Steakhouse restaurant to augment her modelling career.


One of Tran's friends said the part-time model had recently begun dating accused murderer Stephen Pillon.


"It was a brand-new thing," said the woman who worked with Tran earlier at the Sawmill chain's downtown location.


"I don't know how much she knew about him."












bonus: people fucking to techno music


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asian gangs are retarded in Edmonton.

you can't even pass a glance at those little nippers without 18 of them getting butthurt.

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damn. the name sounds familiar. i think i've come across lily tran throughout my Asian Import Model web viewing days


and what's with canada getting violent all of a sudden. stop trying to bite your neighbors to the south.


rest in peace lily duong

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damn. the name sounds familiar. i think i've come across lily tran throughout my Asian Import Model web viewing days


and what's with canada getting violent all of a sudden. stop trying to bite your neighbors to the south.


she's fairly famous in the import model game.

so, i think we should all honour her name by finding and posting

topless pictures of her and links to pics of her sticking flashlights up her ass.

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