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Watches (timepieces that go on the wrist)

Weapon X

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This contest will run all week until Friday - October 22, 2010 .. 6 p.m. EST




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a friend bought this for me, not feelin the strap. diggin the simplicity.


wish it was the model that came with the webbed strap like this one




you think if i email llbean they could ship me one of their webbed straps? the model is identical to the one i have, just the different in strap. the actual watches are the same. and i cant find just the strap on their website.


edit: the face in the second picture isnt the waqtch im talking about, but the strap is.

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thinkning of getting a watch with a leather band


not sure though.


kinda feels like an old man thing



they are hard as FUCK to break in, but really comfortable. and yeah, it does give off a old man impression.



and thanks for that info, but the width of the strap holder on my llbean is only .75 inches. is that a problem?

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sporting this one, wife got it for our anniversary, leather band on this one is no joke. classy as others put it


* Solid 316L stainless steel case and bracelet

* Proprietary 6 hand movement

* 4 independent motors, each driving a specific function

* Premium sapphire crystal

* Screw down crown

* Sculpted dials and luminous hands

* Multifunctional retrograde display

* Bold dashboard styling

* Water resistant to 10 ATM

* Time and season displayed for 24 locations around the world

* Simplified handling of daylight savings time with season setting

* Date Window

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Nah. It only lights up when you want to see the time. It's a decent brightness as well. There's a setting where it will do an animation wert minute for twelve minutes after you've checked the time. Other than that it won't light up unless you press the button. I'm in the same boat on the lights while sleeping. I've got building paper over my windows so no sun can get in. Perpetual darkness.

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