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Watches (timepieces that go on the wrist)

Weapon X

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Man down! Glad I held on to the original rubber strap. I got this kit to covert gshock to take a Zulu strap on eBay about ten years ago (jayandkays). I also changed the case from flat black to the olive green one on it now. It was likely the sunscreen and chlorine that ate up the plastic and made it brittle. this GW-7900B is one of the first ‘nice’ things I bought myself when I got my apprenticeship 







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Paying $2k for a quartz anything is ‘tarded. The options at $2k are plentiful. that’s a “fuck you” move and nothing more. gshock is meant to be a beater piece of shit watch. Not a Gucci clout chasing purchase. players gonna play tho


My POS gshock has been with me longer than any car, GF, or anything else. Best money I’ve spent in my life so far. So many painting missions I ended up changing out the flat black case for this olive one because the black one was covered on overspray and I felt burnt wearing it lol. 

had to change the battery a few yrs back. Kept the watch in a drawer for months and when the solar charge depletes the battery is completely useless. Was a bit of a pain finding the right battery but the process for the swap was very simple. Hardest part was removing the screws on the case back without stripping them. 

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How to track three time zones on one watch 


hour hand tracking local time (NM) : 7:50pm

bezel rotated to home time (CA) : 6:50pm one hour behind

gmt hand tracking third time zone (FL) : 21:50 two hours ahead







some folk say the right way is to keep gmt hand on local time. But unless you are bouncing between time zones regularly, like a commercial pilot, the gmt hand would be redundant 99% of the time. 

24 hour gmt hands were developed for use in places where you can’t use the sun to track which side of the 12 hour clock you are on - cave exploring and Arctic exploring. There were 24 hour wristwatches around before this for pilots (glycine) but not watches with both a normal hour hand and a gmt hand on the same face until the rolex explorer ii. Or so my understanding goes...

Then later a gmt watch with rotating bezel was developed by rolex for PanAm pilots who frequently bounced between time zones called the rolex gmt master. This allowed them to track three time zones at once, like I’m showing here. 

a “true” gmt watch has a jumping hour hand. Meaning an hour hand that you can adjust independently from the minute hand. Moving the hour hand forward and back between time zones doesn’t affect the gmt, minute or second hands, they continue progressing. The minute hand and gmt hand are adjusted at the same time, together. Date is set by progressing hour hand 24 hrs around the face. 


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5 hours ago, nicklesndimes said:

i'd rock this if it was a few thousand dollars cheaper 😮



I have been looking at B&R for a while now.  You're right tho.  What I cannot get past is most of B&R for a few thousands dollars are the quartz.  Nothing against quartz, but if I'mma go quarts, then Seiko it is.  



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