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Watches (timepieces that go on the wrist)

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21 minutes ago, mr.yuck said:

@ndvi had to look up what a minute repeater is. That's pretty cool man.


Really cool huh?  Breguet is considered to have the best (most pleasing) chimes.  However i find the chiming a matter of preference really, as you'll notice each maker has their own distinctive sounds.  


But yeah, repeaters a dream watch to me and collectors see them as novelties really, which I find weird.  

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On 11/3/2020 at 9:18 PM, mr.yuck said:

You said you cant find a minute repeater for under $500? I dont know if we are using the same internet but I cant find one for less than $4000


Lol, not surprising.  However, a while back, I thought I did come across a repeater under a grand.  I just cannot remember the brand as well as how I stumbled across it.  


I'll have to get back to searching.  When I find it again I'll post a link. 



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I believe it can be replaced, right? Or are they adhered to the hand/dial? While it is definitely something that can be bought for one's self, it'd be great to have it become a family heirloom. 


I stopped wearing my piece as the latch is worn from daily use and wear it for special occasions now. It goes months without being wound up and has been several years since I last brought it in for service. I may have to do it early 2021. I think my next piece will be a replica but we will see. 

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7 hours ago, KILZ FILLZ said:

Also works for watches with compass chapter wing or compass bezel


I know Earth is spinning, but this blows my mind. Love it. Saw it on Reddit but forgot to save it. Thanks for sharing as now it'll be easier to sift through the oz than that place. 

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The Caring Edition - 


This year, the world was blindsided by one of most severe pandemics in recent history. Amidst the loss, sadness and anxiety, the human kind never loses sight of hope, perseverance and solidarity. As part of our humble support to the fight against the COVID-19, a special edition of the Engineer III Marvelight Chronometer, featuring a multi-colored dial and micro gas tubes, is born. CHF 300 will be donated to The Salvation Army for every piece of this special edition sold during the pre-order period. The watch that once ran America’s railroads now empowers world explorers to live freely, fearlessly and with a new purpose.

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On 11/12/2020 at 6:52 PM, KILZ FILLZ said:



Big news!!


direct from Russia 








On 11/12/2020 at 8:28 PM, swif1 said:

You keep the wrapping that housed the bands and pieces? Because that adds to its provenance!

Nahhh I keep the boxes though lol 








All done! Ceramic lumed bezel mod took less than five minutes. So far the shark mesh bracelet is very comfy. 






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