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First car accident etc.

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Nice before shot












Hit the dude in front of me. Wasnt shit done to his truck, a lil dent to the bumper and my color scratches. I wasnt really sure what to do but one of my first thoughts was of someone on 12oz once making the comment "Getting on your cell phone is the first thing your supposed to do in an accident". Referring to a picture of hilary duff in a car accident.





But now I have to deal with my ticket for "failure to control speed", finding a temporary car to ball in, get a new job and making more time for 12oz


I also just found out via myspace my uncle has cancer and he just had surgery to replace spine bones with his hip bone. Not sure how that works but this is my saturday thus far.

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I crashed a maxima too...












but mine is cooler because it flipped...

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no i rear ended a honda CRV with broke brake lights in my old integra.


his muffler got knocked off.. and i had $6500+ in front end damages.

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You can't just got balls out on your first accident like that. That's how you cause mental agony. You gotta take it slow: hit a bush, then a mailbox, maybe two... work your way up to the car so when you finaly find yourself charging another driver at speeds you know chances of survival are slim, the fear fleets away since you're prepped in what you must do: physics preach the faster of the two vehicles will damage less, so floor it, nevermind the seatbelt since you dont want to be in the crime scene much longer anyway, and down the last drops of whiskey you have in that flask under your seat. If you remember to do all these things you'll be fine. If not, you'll end up another jerkoff driving your shitty fender-bended jap trap for the rest of your days.

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