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war terror

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i think it was a good balance with gkae being the vandal and skept being the artist. yeah there was definitely a lot of crap that wasnt called out. the audience was dumb as bricks, the anti-graffiti dudes glorified death when we're only talking about graffiti. it would be a lot funner to just be the rabble rowser than the one guy against a herd of sheep.

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Guest qwerty

Ahahaha, very interesting to watch.


graffiti isnt something to lose your head over, that was the best, or atleast neck and neck with thr throw-up / burner argument.


GKAE, thats how i would have pulled it off completely. Fuck yea its destruction, but its fun, so fuck it!

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that redneck is one stupid fuck, hes just blaming graffiti for himself getting shot because its the reason he approched that group in the alley and what he tried to place them under citizens arrest for, nevermind the fact that it was their violent mentalities that got him shot, not the fact that they just so happened to be spray painting a wall beforehand. he would have gotten his dumb ass shot trying to citizens arrest them for any reason.

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Props to gkae. He was the only one who should have been interviewed, and they should have actually interviewed him. Sure some of the other writers may have skill, alot of people have skill. But only a handful have skill and are have the numbers, which is why gkae should have been to only one talking. I liked how he didn't try to force what he belived down ever ones throats.



...to bad they fucked gkae over with those prison sentences. Sending anyone to prison for graffiti is fucked up. Fuck mainstream America..



Also, notice how when gkae was asked "How do you get up onto those freeway ramps" he said thats part of the charm of graffiti, having people say "how could someone do that with spray paint" or "How did could someone pull that off?". The internet killed that, and thats what people mean when they say "graffiti is dead", because in a way it is.. Sure graffiti will never die in the sence that it stops existing. But graffiti has lost that secret charm to it... It died in a way..............

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I hope the producer of that show got shot

I cant believe how poorly done that show was, do ALL people in LA just talk at once and cut each other off when they talk?

half the show you cant even hear what ANYONE is saying


What a shitty show. Its cool seein some writers on TV, but other then that, everyone on that show is ignorant as fuck, nobody makes any good points at all.


They shouldve put some slightly educated writers on there, I'd shut all those ignorant bastards down in a debate.

GKae is a G, and he coulda shut'em all up if he'd have opened his mouth more, Skept is useless he definitely let Graff take a L on that one....



And for all you askin where the 2nd half is........ its nowhere dummies didnt you see at the end the tape stopped and started to rewind? they didnt tape it all so whoever uploaded it obviously couldnt upload the rest. common sense people, come on now....

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