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pick up the microphone

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Google To Fingerprint Voices With PC Microphones


This weekend The Register published an article named Google developing eavesdropping software. The article describes how Google uses existing PC microphones fingerprinting technology to show relevant ads that appeal more to you. The article goes on to explain how the sound fingerprinting works; it "breaks sound into a five-second snippets to pick out audio from a TV, reducing the snippet to a digital "fingerprint", which it matches on an internet server." Privacy folks are worried about the repercussions of such software.


















just thought everyone should know about this since google is old NSA technology anyhow. they've also recently moved to old NASA facilities


in the past year.





best to be forewarned.

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google is owned by some young ass dudes that dont know how to ball. how you gonan be in the top ten of the top 40 richest fools and be under 40 years old and not be out of controll. so fucking gay. dudes are out of their gords. if i owned that shit, i'd turn it over to some nerds and straight be on an island fucking so many ill orrifices it would be sickening.

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Matt Cutts, a software engineer at Google since January 2000, used to work for the National Security Agency and had a top-secret clearance.

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A 'Help Wanted' ad found on the web:


Deployment Engineer (with security clearance)


Reply to: Google <jobs@google.com>

Date: Wed Oct 2nd 2002


Position based in United States Northeast Coast or Washington D.C. Area


Are you a Linux/Unix technical guru who wants to have a chance to work directly with customers? Do you have a passion for hands-on technical problem solving? Are you eager to make things work better for our customers? If your answers are YES, and you have solid experience in Internet application/system engineering and Unix System Administration, this unique opportunity is what you are looking for. This position will help you to advance your engineering career with a challenge like you have not experienced before. You will interact with corporate customer engineering personnel, and tackle a variety of fun and challenging system engineering or administration issues on daily basis. You will continue to expand your engineering/technical skills with a business savvy edge. Although East coast based, you will be a contributing member of the team based in the Corporate Headquarters, and work with the team to complete projects as necessary.


Please email us if you are interested in being a key contributor to the Google Search Appliance product's success.


Responsibilities will include:


* Provide on-site support in system configuration, network setup, replication and diagnosis of customer problems.

* Conduct face-to-face training for the Google Search Appliance product.

* Hands-on testing and certification the Google Search Appliance for delivery

* Provide technical assistance and consulting service.

* Provide the software development and product management teams with feedback on the product (manageability, supportability, robustness, functionality, etc.)

* Provide support and troubleshooting 24x7 on a rotation basis.

* Develop training presentation materials and document detail incident reports.

* 50% domestic travel




* BS degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or related field.

* Must have current government top security clearance (TS/SI).

* Must have 5+ years industry experience in Unix system administration, professional service engineering, or system engineering.

* Significant direct experience implementing, troubleshooting and supporting Linux/Unix operating system, Internet based applications, Apache web server, and java application servers.

* Solid understanding of web technologies, Internet Protocol and Linux/Unix system administration.

* Strong knowledge of XML/XSLT, regular expressions, scripting in some admin language (Perl, Python, JavaScript) and modification in web applications.

* Experience with training materials and support documentation development is preferred.

* Past experience with network appliance technical support is a plus.




Enthusiasm for problem solving and the ability to work

independently and rapidly.


Outstanding account management and follow-through skills,

resourceful and detail oriented.


Must be sensitive to sales situations, and able to interface with

sales managers, and engineering.


Excellent customer skills, and able to work in very stressful

customer situations.


Strong organizational and communication skills in both verbal

and written.


Must be customer oriented, team player, self-motivator, and

able to hit the ground running.

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you liberal consipracy people take shit too far. i voted republican last election anyhow. i wanna be sedated


how is that conspiracy?

and how am i liberal? i didn't

think i was a liberal. weird.

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the feds with totally come down on me if this goes through



it's on its way. there's no "if this goes through". it will, or has been implemented.


oh yeah, here's an experiment for you to try. call your cell phone provider and

ask them where you are. listen carefully as they tell you within three feet of where you are.

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???just unplug the mic??



some new computers come with mics embedded in the monitor.

and then there are laptops......

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I'm so jaded to all of this lately that my mindset has drifted to 'I don't have anything substantial to hide; what do I care?'



...and that's what worries me.

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