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Steve Irwin is dead.

Cold Milk Cup [pt. 2]

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Paint Fumes you're a fuckhead, isn't it about time you were banned.


Steve Irwin has givin more to the Australian enviroment then anyone will.


I watched an interview with him once, and above his high energy and excitement level he was compasionate and all round nice guy. He broke down crying when he talked about his family and (at this time) his newly arrived daughter, shit made the hair stand up on the back of my neck.


ahaha also I remmember when I was in Indonesia earlier this year I was flicking through the local channels and saw one of his episodes on with Indonesian voice overs, shit was corny as hell without the strong Australian accent that made him famous.

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It's fucked up that after all the shit dude's done, and all the crazy animals he's fucked with, a stingray is what kills him. Me and my boy were just talkin bout this a few weeks ago, wondering which of the "Crocodile Hunter" kinda people was gunna be the first one to die...weird that it actually was the Croc Hunter himself

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I don't really like how Irwin handled animals. It made me really dislike anyone who liked his show..


But he did bring a lot of attention to animals. But not always necessarily good attention, as MTV's Wild Boyz is a good example of animal degradation that is influenced by Irwin.


Nonetheless, RIP. I don't want anyone to think of this as trolling, as I really strongly disagreed with Irwin's ways of edutaining people.

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