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skate shoes.

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i wish skating would go back to hybernation. its to fuckng huge you cant go anywhere to skate with out getting kicked it since that shits blown up. and then everyone thinks your trying to be cool by skating. fuck them



woops i forgot what this topic was about.... ive got the howards from lakai, but im getting new ones soon (proabaly howard 2s or carrolls cuz mikes the shit) cuz they are all torn up and the little air bubble in the back busted and now it makes this weird wooshing sound when i walk

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i guess being a stinky vegan i have my slant on what the best shoe is.


the first emerica jamie thomas's were fucking tanks tanks like fuck. they lasted longer and skated better than anyother kick i have ever had.


i always walk into the shop saying not another pair of jamie's and i walk out with another pair of jamie's.


noone remembers when sean sheffey had a vegan shoe. or even the ed templetons.


tho i gotta give it to those lakai's those are hot ass shit. please have a non dead flavor in shop next month i dont want another pair of jamie's unless he brings back the no frills emerica style.

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Originally posted by beardo

yes graffitisux.. im sporting the koston 1s right now. only beef is the soles wear out way before the ollie spot. good ol super glue on the stitches, boys... dont sleep.


i liked it better when your shoes got holes in em, and after a month or two looked like crap. fuck these new super rubber unbreakable fuckin shits, they look gay.



Originally posted by Bloody Fetus

If ever a skate shoe could outshine another, it would be done by the original "Sal 23". Simply a milestone in higher skateboarding footwear.


those sal barbier kicks were fucking nice to look at, but gave me blisters on my pinky toe. that's why i didn't say them.

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