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living on a budget

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being on a budget is NO FUN.


After all my rent and expenses and debts are accounted for,

I've got $250 a week to live on. I guess that's not bad,

but it's sure easy to blow though all that in a hurry.


I'm wearing a rubber band on my wrist to remind me that I'm poor today so I can be well off tomorrow.



and what's your sad excuse for a bank statement?

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Top Posters In This Topic

I have about $1000 left in my checking account. I need to be cool with it seeing as how it's all i have until my unemployment starts rolling in.


I need to consider bills, rent, booze, food, gas, etc....


Yeah, living on a budget is no fun.


$250 a week isn't that bad at all ut yeah, it's funny how you can spend 40-60 in the blink of an eye. I rememer when i was in sixth grade and my dad gave me $5 for the weekend....holy crap, it was like getting handed a bar of pure swiss gold.

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I have $0.6 in my checking. I'm suppose to get paid today about 1000, but my boss isnt here to sign the check, she's probably hungover. I really need it for rent, and I'm still short about $350. After that is done, I dont know what the hell I'm gonna do for food and gas. I don't get paid until the 15th. I need a new job asap.

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Right now I'm on the 'make $80 stretch six days' budget plan... which isn't going to happen because I plan on spending at least $55 tonite alone. The only thing I've got going for me is the fact that I've got a carton of smokes waiting in the freezer back at homebase; otherwise it'd be hopeless.


Saving to buy a car and move within two months sucks.

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Ha ha, christ, it weird how life is so fickle sometimes even when you make all the right choices and moves...there's always a card in the deck that gets dealt to you that upsets the whole hand and the next minute loansharks are knocking your door down and the repo man is hauling off your new car.


Thank god i didn't uy that lexus first thing off when i enjoyed my brief month and a half working for big corporation. I would be screwed right now. Just efore they fired me I managed to pay off a significant portion of my bills so things aren't too bad off.


Well rumpuncher, pece of mind unto you knowing you're not the only person in this sitch. We're all on a financial "raft of the medusa" in a big ocean right now.....the rescuing ship being a well paying job...Now, if we can only set the raft on fire to get someone's attention......



edit: this ghetto lirary i am at with all their abused-as-hell keyboards....the spelling nazi would have a field day with me....

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.....the rescuing ship being a well paying job...Now, if we can only set the raft on fire to get someone's attention......



that's the thing, I've got a great paying gig but I've been living so reckless

for the past 7ish years that I'm paying for it now. Then again, a big chunk

of the money went to vacations and a motorcycle, so I should stop bitching.

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i hear ya...


right now im crazy in debt. about 13k.


but i have plans on selling some shit, which will get me about $5-6g's worth of shit...


and so i should be back down to something like 5-7 g's in debt after that.


sorta went crazy on my credit card bills and what not...


but after i get that back into control, i'm going to look into getting a house and possibly a new car depending on what kind of deal i can get on a house.


all in good time i tell ya

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