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the best food in your city

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alot of 12oz folks travel alot, and finding where all the dope spots are to eat is pretty hard in a new city. here's the chance to let niggaz know what's up.



dublin ireland:


zaytoon is a kick ass persian/turkish/lebanese/whatever spot in dublin ireland. sme of the best meals i ever ate were in this place. they have their own stone oven where they freshly bake their bread all day long. everything there is home made. and one kebab will have you bursting at the seams. and to top it al off, the place is open till 4am.



melbourne, australia:


lemon bistro in chinatown is awesome. thai cuisine, but you can also get yourself a nice kangaroo or corcodile steak. there is one dish on the menu, the marinated diced beef with special dipping sauce, that is so retardedly good it gave me a hard-on.


vietnam noodle house is awesome. 2 people can eat like kings in this place and still get change back from a $20 bill. you can't beat quality and value, no sir.






more to come....please add yours. i need good food on the road

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There's one in St. Petersburg, one near Ybor City, and one that's about to open near University of South Florida (Tampa campus). There might be a few pop somewhere but I don't know.


In other words, this place is located in/near ghetto neighbourhoods.


Mired in public housing developments on all sides, Salem's Gyro and Subs could easily be a bust, dragged down by the poverty surrounding it, but, lo and behold, every single night of the week, from eleven at night until the early-early morning closing, cars snake around the back of the restaurant, waiting up to a half-hour to place a drive-through order. That patrons show such patience for fast-food -- though few will risk actually crossing the urban jungle parking lot-- testifies to the undeniable appeal of cheesy curly fries, tender chunks of spit-roasted gyro meat, and buckets of tangy lemonade, served warm in typical Mediterranean fashion.


The cashiers and fry cooks all hail from Egypt and love to show off souvenirs from their homeland. They'll crowd at the drive-through window if you order a gyro or a dripping Philly cheese steak, making sure you know all the meat is halal, or fit for consumption under strict Islamic standards. They like their American favorites at Salem's, too, though - big chunks of cherry pie top off a cheeseburger combo just perfectly. -- Rachel Moran



Don't believe the second paragraph. I frequent the St. Pete spot and have yet to spot Egyptian niggas.


Here's proof of the first paragraph though:



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dolly's pizza & buscemis: all over detroit area


Dollys is a franchise and shit is banging. I love it. Eat there at least once a week. Good pizza.


Buscemis makes pizza, but they're only in liquor stores / gas stations. I'll be the first to admit it ain't really that great.....but theres something about it to me.

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Chitown Fast Food..


Lawrence's Fisheries On Canal & Cermak.Great Fried Chicken and fresh fish and shrimp for take-out. just be prepared for a wait, it gets busy.


Donald's On Western and 23rd and Chopper's on Ashland..Dope burger spots.


choppers hamburgers are heavy as hell. dam good spot.

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Oh man..I'm a food eating GURU!@! I love trying new places and I eat out more a month than I spend on rent and my car payment alone! Of course, 50% of that is alcohol, but nonetheless I eat well.


Here in wonderful, hot, and bothering Phoenix, AZ...Lets see..Most categories I have multiple spots, but to save the little bit of night I have left I'm only droppin one.


Hamburger Category.


Harvey's Wineburger

4812 N 16TH St

-I've only been to this place during the day for lunch, but the burgers there are all cooked on an open grill marinated in a Red Wine secret Sauce that gives me a woody thinking about it. They also have Jalepeno "Bottle Caps"(Slices of Jalepeno that are batter dipped and deep friend.) that kick ass with a little ranch.



Pizza Category.


NYPD (New York Pizza Department)



They have, what seems to me a very authentic italian/new york pizza. Since I'm not from NY I can't trully say I know, but I had a spinach and pepperoni pie not too long ago that had me talking about the place for two weeks. Great atmosphere, and they let you tag on the wall with washable markers right by the bathroom. I think that was probably the most appealing trait..



Sushi Dept.



6845 N 16TH St


Great Sushi, Great People..Secret sushi roll not on the menu: Volcano Roll. Try it, you'll like it.







I'm done for now. Nobody comes to Phoenix anyway..

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Honolulu (salt lake to be specific) - Soons Drive Inn (Korean Food)


This place is off the hook. Every friday after school was out in middle school, it was on. Best Kal Be Chicken. And the fucking best Meat Juhn (sp?) in the world. No joke. If your ever in Honolulu hit this place up and get a plate.

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Why am I drawing blanks here? This is all i've got:


San Francisco:

Sushi Rika's: Best sushi ever, and they're usually banging Blockhead or something.



Vietnamese sandwich dives. 7 for $5 or something rediculous like that.

Bay Fung Tong chinese food

Cactus for Buritos

Zachary's for Pizza



Europa Hof Brau



BO's ribs, worth the hour or so wait. Bo makes enough bank to serve minors wine while they wait in line.



Kinder's Meats for lunch. Best steak sandwiches ever.


Walnut Creek:

Crepe A Go-Go. Turkey, egg and monterey jack crepe with a Henry Weinhart's black cherry soda is my alltime favorite.

Cafe La Scala. I don't know why but every girl I meet always takes me here to hang out.

Aketas: chinese/japanese buffet for $16. Worth every penny


Aurburn: Always grab a boisenberry pie at Ikeda's on my way up to Tahoe.

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