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come back to hawaii seeks... maybe you could get platapie to paint again.

all he does now is train MMA. (jiu jitsu, muit thai, boxing, ect.) and he lost about 60lbs lol.


if not we could always all just go hit the beach, catch some waves, and spock all the beautiful island ladies.

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its landlocked, but it has more water than anywhere else in the country. i believe you're never more than 3 miles from a river or lake.

i dont know what it is, im just really phobic about water i cant see in. the deeper it is, the more scared i get. luckily with surfing, im rarely over my head, and when i am, ive got a big floaty board to hold onto.

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i've heard of plenty east coast spots. apparently in new jersey in the winter there is a world class swell. although in australia you get the surfing results in the sports update on the six o'clock news, so i'm prolly more knowledgable than most

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Yeah I didn't say there wasn't spots. There just aren't many. And I think I might be as knowledgable if not more so then the general public.


There are spots to surf, north carolina has a couple my friend said we're nice. But most of the east coast is pretty fickle. Doesn't get that good that often.


But what do I know..

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Anyway I just wanted to know what spot he was at. I figured it was on the east coast. It was just curiousity.


Also, it's not winter, so why would you talk about winter swells? Sheesh, who doesn't have good surf in the winter?

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dude, have you got anal warts or something? every post i've seen of yours today has been salty as hell


Nuh uh, we had fun making fun of that guy for drinking sminoff razmatazz twisty or whatever. Remember?


Maybe I'm being sensitive today, I'm a little anxious. It's a big weekend for me.


And yes the south east sucks. But perfect for learning.

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and shit, you're not motherfuckin kelly slater. who cares if the spot isn't on the fuckin quicksilver tour or whatever.



dude, the whole world is mad that they're not BOP



I didn't say he had to be surfing head high and glassy. I just wanted to know where he was at. Shit. Curiousity people. That's why I come on here, to live vicariously through people who are doing more than me.

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we've got this whole ernesto thing going on, which is making shit weird. it should have been a good day, but there was bullshit. i had about 6 waves, and stood up on two. not good, but for the first time i'd ever touched a surfboard, i think it's more than acceptable.

tomorrow it's supposed to be the super storm, with 6-13' foot waves. im skipping out on work. holler for jumping in way over your fucking head.

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