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Nervous Rabbits

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Top Posters In This Topic

i scratch my head until it bleeds, usually when i am in tests and shit



huh, i thought me and my cousin were the only ones that did that. i dont do it as much anymore though.


- i nibble the side of my lip

- when i was pregnant i picked at my thumb nail and skin

- i say um a lot which i really hate

- i look around and dont look you in the eye

- i used to smoke weed to relax, now im pretty much a lush instead

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Opening things. Doesn't matter what the fuck it is, I need to open and close it. Boxes, cupboards, doors. I don't even realise I'm doing it till someone says 'what the fuck are you doing?'

Tapping feet on the floor, curling my toes, tensing my jaw, running my hands through my hair.

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When im nervious with people I care about;

ie. Potential girly girl, extended family... those kinds of people.

Yeah usually touch my chin, or play with my lips, possibly stutter alittle.


People I dont care about;

I go very quiet and if the situation calls for it, violent outbursts.

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Re: Nervous Habits


I pick at the skin around my finger nails.


It's horrible.


I actually used to do this a lot when I was young... Even the fingertips, on some getting rid of the prints type shit. Now I don't have many tells. Alcohol and the occasional hit from the peace pipe help.

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