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Future Self vs. Current Self vs. Past Self

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We all make sacrifices. But sometimes, it is not us, who have to follow through on these sacrifices.

If you smoke cigarettes to look cool or relieve an urge (i do too, I'm a hideous smoker), your future

self pays for it (ugly skin, bad lungs, smelly).


Likewise, when you see a picture from your past (or some old bit of writiing) do you not hate on it? I know when I see a 2 year old picture of myself, I deride it, like it was a picture of a life-long enemy.


And, doesn't your present self make sacrifices too. Graffiti writers should know all about this one. You spend a couple of hours, in the dark, freezing cold, trigger finger cramped into a permenant painty hook. But tomorrow, what you did will be your pride and joy.




no firsts

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the past is the past and cannot be changed. no hate.


i am comfortable with my current self, and am happy with the person that i am.


future self....well, it's hard to imagine being more awesome than i am right now, but i'm sure it's possible

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its confusing cause you always change. no matter how settled you are. a lot of life is circumstance and the way you deal with it based on whatever is influencing you at the time. you feel like the same person, and essentially you are, but every little thing builds up and eventually they reshape you, and maybe not dramatically, but significantly enough. even if its all inside. its how we manage to cope with everyday life. its how we learn lessons. i remember this from somewhere>>> humans greatest gift and curse is their ability to adjust and adapt to Anything.

i couldnt agree to that more.


this could be a cool thread, id like to hear some more opinions, insight, and theories and whatnot on all this. wheres dawood at and shai?? someone send them over to this thread..

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future self is going to strongly regret past self... and already does now. which is another point of interest.

what makes it so hard to break the patterns we live by, particularly when we know we are not happy with them, or that we need to change them (and even desperatly so sometimes)?

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