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So whos with me?!!!

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So I quit my job the other day! Feels good yet stressful at the same point since Im unemployed. I was tired of getting shit for crap I didnt do and just biting my lip. So finally last week I got alot of shit over a stupid cart, yeah A STUPID CART!! So I proceeded to cut my boss of from bitching at me and tell my side and what actually happened. He said he didnt give a shit and would fire me if shit continued so fuck him I quit. Then after all the hollering back and forth and I was on my way out, I guess he realized that he wouldnt have any time off until he found a new assistant and it was 2 years before me. See that was like my job security, my boss didnt have any time off and when I came in I gave him everyother weekend off. So I guess he realized that as I was walking out and was tryn to get me to come and talk it over with him while he smoked, but then made it look like I was the one at total fault. Fuck that I quit and kept walking. Just thought Id vent and share. Anyone else have it rough at a job and quit because of it?

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