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Guest -sudz-

funny stuff

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Guest -sudz-

devoidbmx: do you get the onino where you are?

kazooface: yes

kazooface: unless we get snowed in, plains have to go into pioneer mode to land, and it takes a while. sometime they run out of gas and crassh, then the onion burns and we don't get it

devoidbmx: whats pioneer mode?

devoidbmx: dont you live in a big city though?

kazooface: it's a secret, they don't tell u americans about it, they think u'd make fun of us.

devoidbmx: your makeing me confused

kazooface: yeah, my city isn't bad, it's one of hte biggest in the country. like 5000 people!

devoidbmx: did you move?

kazooface: no

devoidbmx: cause you said you lived in a suburb of toronto

kazooface: yeah toronto has like 5000 people

devoidbmx: no dude, 5000 people is a small town

devoidbmx: 50,000 is a fair sized

devoidbmx: 5 mill is big

kazooface: it's 5000!!!!!i think i'd no!! i live here dood

devoidbmx: what the hell

devoidbmx: no, dude, ever heard of denver colorado?

kazooface: no

kazooface: what's ur zodiak sign

devoidbmx: are you drunk?

devoidbmx: or high?

kazooface: no

kazooface: no

devoidbmx: toronto has millions of people dude

kazooface: what;s ur thingy, i'll predict ur horoscope

kazooface: no it doesn't

devoidbmx: my zodiac sign is gemini

kazooface: ok.... lemme think......

kazooface: Gemini: (May 21—June 21)

Eventually, it will occur to you that every interesting thing that's happened in your life actually happened to someone around you, and you just watched.


kazooface: POOF

kazooface: i'm a gnes!!!

devoidbmx: genious

devoidbmx signed off at 10:46:38 PM.

kazooface: rite....that, i believe is the southern spelling. like u have color and can not. we have colour and can't.

Previous message was not received by devoidbmx because of error: User devoidbmx is not available.


(and i htink to myself, 'y do i always have to scare off people that mite wanna be my friends')

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