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Cranston Street in Providence RI


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to this day, my favorite writer hands down..I can truly say although many great piecers, bomers and vandals of all eras since the beginning of graff have influenced me greatly. No one writer gets me pumped to see graffiti still go up in the streets, like JA. Respect to this man for all his years of hard work and dedication to the game....

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I heard saber went over some memorial piece for one of JA's freinds So when JA found out about this, he went and dissed that huge saber piece. Then theres talk a stabbing happend afterwards I wouldnt doubt it. So much talk around this who really knows whats true...but one thing is for sure kid has ups and balls.

JA was stabbed by MQ

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a litt ull history ,, , . . .


yes them trucks are on smash now,, ya kant go eny ware with out seeing one go by,,,


however its the older heads that will ree-member this,,. like the trucks !!!!!


in the 90s sum ware ((((JA)))))xtc,,.. had the train lines compleet-lee wrecked,,..

talking about sum sick azz tunnel bombing,, 4 instence,,, the 4-5-6 line wuz destroyed

from way up town all the way down into brooklyn,, evree tunnel light had a throw or tag ,, he had the

west side line 2,,, if not freeking evree line and tunnel in the mta systum,,.


if your looking at this ((JA)) tell sum storys about wut the fuk went off down there,,..

2-- sum one,,..


i wana know sum more history on the tunnel rampage that dude went on,,..


got 2 be very very hard 2 pull that shat off,,.. them tunnells got wrecked deep deep in there,,..

miles and miles,,and miles,,... silvers and whites,, , . . . bolth sidesz of the tunnellsz!! , and middle sections,,.

in between evree stop the trains made,,. i would scope all this from the front car,, front window,, with the front

train head light ,, lighting the walls,,. it could all still be seen from looking out a train window,.

this type of destruction the mta could not realy buff away'' stuffs still in there,,.


very eXten-siv ' ' tunnel bomber''' that shit smoked revs,,,. it wuz cooler''JA had that sh@t bee-4 eny-one, and the throws jest kept fuk-ing going ...they lined up ,, in sec-ses-shun 4-miles and miles azz the train cruzed ya threw JA world down there'' it wuz so sick'' real taste-ee hollow silver bubble letters on a very dark din-gee wall'' all lit by a MTA work light above them''' Jaone xtc tags'''' he spent allot of time in there,,. it wouldent mater if it wuz raining out,, 24-7 down there,,.

so fuk-ing nutsZZZZZ'''''''''''''''''' it wuz,,.. . . . very very sick,,..



////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// / / / / / / /

/ / / / / / / / / / / / ////// / / / / ///// / / / ///////// / / / / / / / / / /// / / / / // //// // / / / / / / / / / / / / / // / / /

Ja xtc, has always been my favorite writer. I have always followed all his stuff and read anything I could every find on him, as well as graff in general. I have been a writer and follower of graff literally my entire life . One of the things I remember reading about Ja was that his first stomping grounds was a spot down in the tunnels. I also read over the years that smith was one of the most extensively versed in the all around knowledge of the tunnel system. I think we all know how Sane smith was one of Ja s best friends, so I'm sure his knowledge down there is amazing. I myself have dabbled here and there but never really knew anyone like that that would take me to really explore down there. I would love to see someone document it all into a serious book. Maybe one day when Ja is like eighty something and stops bombing so hard he will write his own autobiography. I for one would love to read it. He was literally built for graffiti. I wish there were more of him out there to help carry the game into the future, but no matter what I will always consider myself one of the really lucky ones to have grown up in this culture from the beginning until now. Born and raised in New York I have witnessed it in all its glory from the jump pretty much......71

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