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i have to say i have never heard this guy... for some reason everytime i see his stuff i might pick it up and look at the covers... either way the interest fades away rather quick. aesop rock.. for me!


Doom kills shit.He would handle Aesop no problem.And no i'm not hating since i like Aesop also.I do have to say his earlier stuff was better though...



MadVillain in heavy rotation right now in my whip

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i like this one

"Hold the cold 1 like he old the cold gun

Like he hold the microphone and stole the show for fun

Hold my flow for ransom flows is handsome

Hoes is tandem, anthem, random, tantrum.

Phantom of the grand ole opry ask your dumb hottie

Mask pump shotties somebody stop me

Hardly come sloppy on a retarded hard copy

After rocking parties leave the party in a jalopy

Watch the drop top poppy

Known as the grimy limey

Slimy try me blimey

Certainly smashing in a fashion that’s timely

Madvillain dash in a beat rhyme crime spree

Who rock the house like rock and roll

Got more soul than a sock with a hole

Set the stage with a goal

Or have the game locked in a cage getting shocked with a pole

Overthrow it like throwing over a biscuit

A lot of bitches think he overly showmanistic

Let go his dick if that’s the case

Rats want to waste

There’s more cats to chase

Dogs, we got to light new powers

Woke up broke, spit shit, few hours

Sheesh, been unleashed since the Greek club

Have the fans saying please make me a dove

Well, since you asked kindly

Where you been behind the mask you cant find me

Ya blind, in the wine zone leave ya mind blown

When he shine with the nine

He’s a rhinestone… cowboy"

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This is more my flavor


[Mf doom]

Everybody talkin 'bout pistols, gats is borin

He came with a new topic to flip you, vats of urine

All pro, check the stats, his style scorin

While you at it, double check that cristal you're pourin

Born of the pleads that needs a p in geniuses

Broads don't see it, since they don't got these, conveniences

Thank god she's not a ho

In the studio when you gotta go, you gotta go

Before you flow, make sure you practice or you losin

You don't wanna miss and let the cactus get to oozin

If any contestant splash, he's disqualified

Even if one drip should slide down the bottle side

Put a bum in a even better pickle

Reality show, how far would you go, to get a nickel?

... let alone a buck

Listen by the window, you can hear him moanin - yuck!

Remember, tomorrow is garbage day

It's not the kind of stuff you want to save and harbor away

Once it gets ripened and fermented

It takes on a bouquet that I should say is naturally scented

Tempted by a empty can of guinness

Or waitin until we get there, say two or three minutes

Yeah, when it's fresh, it's sterile

Some say digestible, even edible

If you was stranded out to sea, alone and in trouble

Survive dehyrdation, guzzle your own cup full

Some day, you may even show your son how

To use it to make potassium nitrate for gunpowder

Funded by friends of ours who's generous

Join us next time when we discuss disgusting enemas


[Err] he's like a rap god

[Err] he's like a big log, that you find in your toilet

[ignignokt] fo' real!

[Err] bow down and suck his knees!

[ignignokt] and I am about to kick it all up in here

[Err] stand by for kicking!

[ignignokt] I am the kicker err, not you

[ignignokt] you kick elsewhere

[Err] this sucks man, I'm bored

[ignignokt] me too!

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I like the shit he does as Victor Vaughn best. For example:



V. Vaughn, the traveling Vaudeville Villain

Who don't give a flying fuck who ain't not feeling him

Watch what ya' dealing him: ace, king, death card

Strong-arm the wrong man, pardon the left, god

Get money and earn it, then everything you touch turn shit

Got much to learn kid, light it up burn shit

Light it up like the Dutch when the hash melt

Only time they see him is when they need him with the cash belt

Ay carumba, now that's my number

One dry summer, as far as I remember

Burnt out, but gaining every edgy penny

Then he hit him straight to the head like Reggie Denny

Call him back when you need some more 'gnac, horse-yak

Doing 80 down the Van Wyck on horseback

Ya' man sick but he wreck tracks, puto

Get back too bro', exactamundo

Viktor the director flip a script like Rob Reiner

The way a lotta dudes rhyme their name should be "knob shiner"

For a buck, they'd likely dance the Jig or do the Hucklebuck

To Vik it's no big deal, they're just a buncha knuckle-fucks

You wonder how well would they hold up in a holding cell

It sorta had the strange makings of a tale told in hell

Like "Oh well," hold tall riches

If the Feds is really after him they'll just tell all the snitches

On borrowed-time rhymes, gassed by the silver screen

They cat like their monkey ass can heal back like Wolverine

Mellow out what y'all bellow out ya' yellow mouth

What happened to the kinda spit that used to help a fellow out?

No doubt, leave a rapper in a body cast

And wonder what he was doing while we was in a karate class

Snotty ass, it's really like he was a white-belt

Right before he "night-night" ask him how the light felt

I wouldn't take their tape if they gave it free

Maybe it's me, maybe it's V!

Throw down the key, y'all know how shit be

In the naked city, rappers is so giddy

That's no ditty, Vaughn so witty

The way he take no prisoners and show no pity

It's how son became a big man from a Black boy

To name names, a really big fan of Dan Akroyd

He feel they need to give him his own dance

This his only chance to shoot the gift like a lone glance

Or like a beef scene that leave the oo-ey smoking

Or between Hoktuo Shinken and Nanto Koukakuken

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From "The Fine Print"



Hear ye, hear ye! How dare ye

Go up against the king who do his thing tri-yearly?

They too carefree with their mouths around here

Off with his head, and display it in Town Square

On top a seven-feet spike, make sure it's on tight

In light of when the peasants throw stones with all their might

Skull get smashed for weeks

'Til vulture beaks eats the last meat off the cheeks

Maybe then they'll know the right words to speak

Out loud, at home, in the world, or in the streets

It's no escape, just in case

All the kings' mens and 'em decides to go apes

The most slick-talking of burly guys

>Get caught and boiled in oil like curly fries<

>>>>>(sounds to me like he says, "get caught early in baltimore like curly fries)<<<<<

Even those that's Mr. Furley's size that earned the fate

Could all get burned at the stake

Send word to his closest kins, that for his sins

We claim his throne, his providence, and its citizens

In the name of King Geedorah! ...


^^^one my favorite verses and deliveries of all time^^^

never get tired of this shit

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Dude Sucks... Real Bad. If you like him, chances are you are bad, too. Bad music for Stupid White dudes. Madlib is feeeeilthy though.




Zev killed it. You know nothing. An operation doomsday was fucking ill back when he was still hyped up. Now he is too monotone these days though. I cant listen to him all the time, but he is still one of my fav mcs. I can only listen to guru everyday as far as monotone.

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to me he sounds like some fat dude outback of wendys on his lunch break rapping while he eats french fries


hahaha thats the best part about him


and just to keep it going with the lyric quoting,


When he at the mic you don't go next, leaving pussy cats like why ho's need kotex

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