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fuck fire ants in their tiny little firey ant assholes


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are you serious? you actually have an opinion on the tone of my skin? that doesnt strike you as...oh, i dont know....pathetic?



ive seen the ant sleeves. shit is fucking vicious. their arm comes out giant and swollen. its so gnarley.

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its not a sleeve its a specialized glove they use and forcefully put the ants in the slots, they're weaven things, like the people make downtown here in geechee town, and anyways, so they put their hands in and smoke the ants out and they bite like crazy...


its stupid but if you got the balls to do it... you're a man in my book.

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Rando thread bump.  Dude I would get up with always seemed to have something happen to/with him.  Leaving freights one time we're walking up this hill of weeds and dirt.  I'm ahead of him and he stops to figure out his footing when I see him start saying Ouch! and slapping at his legs and dancing around.  Turns out dude stopped right on an ant hill and they rushed him and started fucking his shit up.  It was kind of comical.


Shout out to a few names I remember that appear in this thread but have not appeared on the Oontz in a bit.....

@Dick Quickwood @Dick Quickwood 2  @seeking  @ClueTwo  @iloveboxcars  @Weapon X  @podrido  @rushawn wuan  @Gat Bush @johnny ballbags  @Abracadabra  @Frate_Raper  @PUMPKIN ESCOBAR  @the.crooked

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