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Ewww go watch star trek NERD hahahahahaa sucker...

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Nerds are fucking crazy! I guess some nerds who are obsessed with Fox TV show alien nation gave the damn aliens a history, alphabet fucking everything its insane! They even know how they mate!!!!! I found the alphabet while i was looking for new fonts to use...here is the link to the alphabet and the wikipedia history...If its on wikipedia its gotta be true.








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In the FOX television series Alien Nation, the Tenctonese, also known as Newcomers, are a humanoid species from the planet Tencton. They are distinguished by the fact that the majority of the race are slaves. According to the show, more than 300,000 Tenctonese reside on Earth in the United States. Tenctonese are taken from their parents as children at the age of ten and their tasks are allotted to them. Some of these children are chosen to be "Kleezantsun" or overseers and are specially conditioned.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.




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On October 19, 1988 an IFO (Identified Flying Object) spaceship from the planet Tencton arrived in California's Mojave Desert just outside of Los Angeles. The ship crashed and then blew up, leaving its occupants stranded. The six mile long slave ship Gruza was loaded to the gunwales with 250,000 Tenctonese especially bred and genetically engineered for hard labor in any environment. The slave ship overseers used hallucinogenic nerve gases to induce fear and keep the Tenctonese slaves submissive. The overseers wore jagged wrist tattoos on their arms.

Initially the U.S. government quarantined the aliens for several months and with the assistance of the Immigration and Naturalization Service each Newcomer was given a human name. Most of the first Tenctonese to be processed, received "normal" human names (Cathy Frankel, Bud Anderson, and so on). However, as the aliens continued to pour in, INS workers became bored and overworked, and at times chose whimsical names (reflecting historical or literary characters and geographic settings) as if to relieve the immense task before them. Some examples: Albert Einstein, Wyatt Earp, Betsy Ross, Emma Bovary, Silas Marner, Kenny Bunkport, Norman Conquest, May O'Naise, and Paul Bearer.

After being released from quarantine, the majority of the Newcomers settled in an area of Los Angeles now known as Little Tencton and assimilated into American culture, taking jobs wherever their individual talents might lie and becoming just another minority in the L.A. melting pot. Unfortunately, the Newcomers are hated by some humans, self-proclaimed "Purists" who fear the alien presence on the planet. These folks use the pejorative term "slags" or "spongeheads" or "rubberheads" when referring to these interstellar refugees, who in turn derogatorily call humans "terts". Like any other minority group, the Newcomers face a daily battle just to maintain their civil rights.




The Tenctonese look generally similar to humans, but have bulbous craniums and no hair. Instead they have large spot like markings on their heads and down their spines. These Potniki spots are an erogenous zone and will identify the individual and family. These markings will fade with the loss of mental faculties due to drunkenness, age, or drugs. This effect is similar to a human's eyes losing focus and glazing over.

Since they had been bred as slaves, the Newcomers are 30% stronger and 20% smarter than the average human, as well as having a life expectancy of about 140 years and keener senses. This is partially due to the way they have been bred for adaptability but also due to their anatomical differences, which include having two hearts. With two hearts, the onset time of poisons is halved. If one heart is damaged, the other will work harder for a limited time. One heart is located in approximately the same spot as a human heart, the second is located in the center of the chest at the bottom of the rib cage.

Additional differences include an inability to digest cooked foods. Their main diet consist of raw animal flesh such as uncooked rodents (weasel, beaver, muskrat), organs (spleen, pancreas), and insects. Drinking sour milk affects them in the same way that humans are intoxicated by alcohol. Rather than blush, the eyes of the Tenctonese change color with embarrassment, and their feet swell. Tenctonese ears look more like slits or holes in the sides of their heads but are still more sensitive than human ears. They also have no fingerprints, need large doses of ultraviolet light to increase energy levels, and their skin dissolves if exposed to simple salt water (it is like acid to them).

Certain common compounds found on Earth are poisonous to the Newcomers and some compounds that are poisonous to humans are harmless to Tenctonese. Poisons include salt (harshly acidic); monosodium glutamate (MSG) (mild poison); chocolate (gives them the shakes, leads to a heart attack); tobacco (makes them stutter, leads to laryngitis); fluoride (strong poison); fluorocarbons (choking, leads to asphyxiation); and caffeine (causes dizziness). However, methane, alcohol, asbestos, radon, and arsenic have no effect on them.

The Newcomers have a number of organs that humans don’t have, such as the spartiary gland, which produces a substance in Tenctonese blood cells that accelerates healing by rapidly carrying oxygen and needed nutrients to injured areas, and gives Tenctonese blood its pink color. Because of the color of their blood, the skin of the Tenctonese has a pinker hue than human Caucasians.




One sexual activity among Tenctonese, where one hums along the spots on his or her partner's back, is referred to as humming.

Their method of procreation is also unique. For the Newcomers to conceive, there are two kinds of Newcomer males, gannaum and binnaum. Fertilization of the female's egg requires both types of male. The binnaum prepares the linnaum (female) for fertilization. Binnaum children are rare (1 in 100) and do not take permanent mates. Instead, they are expected to grant their services as needed for the continuance of their race. A binnaum is recognizable by the oversized spots on his head. These individuals form a brotherhood and each of them service hundreds of females a year. The ceremony of fertilization is shared by close friends. While holding burning candles, those in attendance discretely turn their backs on the female as the binnaum prepares her for her spouse. The binnaum prepares the "channel" with the catalyzing emission, and the gannaum (the father) provides the sperm. The binnaum does not contribute genetically to the offspring, however.

Another main difference between Newcomers and Humans is that the male and female Tenctonese share the burdens of reproduction equally, with the female carrying the baby for eight weeks of the pregnancy, then transferring it to the father for incubation and delivery. He carries the haffacotta (fetus) inside his lingpod flap for the remaining eight weeks of pregnancy, similar to a kangaroo's pouch, until he gives birth, much like a male seahorse.



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Guest spectr
Thats right.


Picard's my homie...



i'm sorry kirk would kill picard any day of the week and kirk gets all the booty while picard jerks off to pictures of wesley crusher.

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Guest spectr
oh my god i am officially retiring from 12oz...

why nigga you scared of how gay its getting in here...

no homo

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Guest R@ndomH3ro

That shit has been going on since the dawn of nerdom.





Sneak once on one of his "outings" accidently stumbled apon a nerd camp in the woods. They where playing D&D in real life and dress up in medival garb. Bad day for your boy.

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i would have a field day with that. I would send all those pale pimple faced freaks back in to their basements to huddle around their dance dance revolution stepping pad thingies

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