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Seattle Steel

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Just moved to Seattle and left all my crew SNM behind. Anyone know of legals? I've found plenty of steel and have started working it, but it's just not the same when you aren't sure of your exits. Anyone from Seattle? Also I've found there's already an SNM here, does anyone know if they are even serious? I hope I posted this in the right area if not I'm sorry.Thanks for your time.

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you should be sorry....







....because yes, you did POST IN THE WRONG AREA





Assuming you were born fit and healthy, you should have these things called "Feet" on the ned of your legs. use your "feet" to get out of your house and walk around. Eventually you'll come up on something that matches your criteria of a "sick spot" or an "Ill Legal Wall Yo"


we're not here to do the work for you.

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I have used my feet and have found plenty to keep me busy, I guess I was mainly trying to talk to some writers in my area and ask a few questions. Mainly to be respectfull of the locals and not take their "sick spots". Also I didn't want anyone to do work for me, I feel that one of the greatest things about writing is the exploring you get to do with different eyes than the rest of the population. I haven't been on 12oz in years and thought it would be a good place to start the networking. Obviously not much has changed though, if you don't have hours and hours of replys no one will take you seriously, you are considered a toy and/or a punk ass kid. Maybe I just asked stupid questions, or asked the wrong people. I appologize if I seem defensive.

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