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About us being on here, staying in on a Saturday night. I have my reasons to be antisocial. Most writers are antisocial. Getting back on topic, my reasons for not going anywhere or talking to anyone are:


- My whip is down, waiting for a rebuild.

- Fuck people in general

- My friends have real lives

- Did I say friends? I dont have any

- I am a fucking loser.

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All funny stuff aside, Do any of you see Graffiti surviving the globalization.

Just look at the decline of Fresh Full color productions, or Bombs compared to ten or twenty years ago. There's less writers putting in work than there used to be and I'm excluding European writers.




are you retarded do you live under a rock!? I dont know what decline your talking about you must be looking in the wrong spot.

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Re: Let me REITERATE what I was trying to say.






What is a true graffiti writer's only concern? Last time I checked, having his/her name up.

When I first began I idolized the ones running my city. I gave them respect for the courage it took.However in a superficial world there is less hope that someone will respect us for doing what we do. The HONOR is gone.



People write for different reasons. I dont think people write so other people respect them. People i know write for themselves. You cant define graffiti you cant define why a person writes.


You obviously dont know shit about writing go back to your fucking classroom and stop analyzing the culture. Graffiti is something that has been around since the beginning of time and will be around till its end.

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Right Lord' date=' now let me ask you a hypathetical question. What if there was some giant militia who needed a group of people who were trained in writing on walls. Would you be part of that militia?[/quote']


Fucking terrorist get the fuck out of here GETZUP HAS GOT TO GO.

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