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People You Love Too Hate

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Psh, I dunno what people have against Jesus... a fair number of his followers I can't stand, but I feel like if I met Jesus I'd probably just wanna chill and get drunk. I mean, dude was a hippie... long hair, robes, went around telling everyone to love each other... c'maaaahhn.




If for whatever reason there exists a hell, there's a spot reserved specifically for her... and it fucking BURNS.

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so , you hate some european looking dude with a heart on his chest?

Or are you saying you hate jesus? If so, then what's to hate about Jesus?

Unless youre just the "I'm teh morbid guy" "kill,kill,kill type" then I understand.

just snap out of it.


jesus doesnt look european

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i hate this guy.....

he's from the peoples court...

he interviews people after the verdict...

he sarcasticly makes fun of the people who lost the court case...

which reminds me of something a real smug cop would do....

and i hate cops..



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There all dirty fucking sweaty ass long haired backyard wrestling faggots with make up. Grow a dick you fags. Even your girls look like butch ass charlie looking mother fuckers. In fact. ICANT EVEN TELL WHICH ONE OF YOU HAS A VAGINA.

















God i hate them.When ever i see them the scent of body odor just fills my nostrails. THICK. Like sea water.

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