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People You Love Too Hate

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that whiny bitch from afi ' date=' I would really like to see him in pain[/quote']


Are you fucking kidding me??? I remember when they were a hardcoreish band, then i seen a video and dude had long ass hair down to his ass and makeup like he was jocking the Misfits or something.

Now he looks like that???




What a fag.:shakehead:

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Carson Daily

Rush Limbaugh

Rick Santorum

Ann Coulter

almost all cops

Dick Cheney

Karl Rove

Joe Liberman

Michael Moore

Rita Cosby (i cant stand her voice)


dats enough hate for right now

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so , you hate some european looking dude with a heart on his chest?

Or are you saying you hate jesus? If so, then what's to hate about Jesus?

Unless youre just the "I'm teh morbid guy" "kill,kill,kill type" then I understand.

just snap out of it.

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{Kimball} white people. and im not talking about average Joe Dirt. Im talking about WASP-type mothafuckas. mothafuckas that are ruining this world for money.


Ummm, Blacks do it for money.


Latins do it for cooch.


Asians do it for fun.


Whites do it because of Satans promise to them.

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co-signed,,i haaate this un-funny annoying fuck ..........


i also hate that face he does (pictured) whenever telling a joke. and then puts his fingers in "quotations" while making that face and that obnoxious voice...


i think the main reason people hate him is because he's comedy central's "replacement" for dave chappelle and many people know dave chappelle is light years ahead of mencia when it comes to being funny. but that's an overstatement for mencia because he's simply not funny at all. comedy central wanted to grab another "minority" that tells "racial" jokes, to fill the void of the absense of chappelle, but the fact is there is only one chappelle and mencia is just a sub-par ripoff.

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