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war in Graff bizness!

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Counter statement versus the newsletter “Wholesale OTR news”

by Jürgen Feuerstein / Molotow Distribution, 21.07.2006


„The reasons why MOLOTOW & MOLOTOW Distribution

lost ON THE RUN / OTR as friend and partner“

Dear colleagues, partners and friends of ON THE RUN,

Herewith we want to explain the newsletter mentioned above from our point of view. Unfortunately this won’t fit in just a few sentences, because in our opinion, too many hideous and incorrect things have happened. We reduced the case history, which is essential to get an understanding of the situation, to a bearable degree and we try to cut out any emotions, even though loads of negative energy, disappointment and anger has been piling up in the last couple of month. This following letter got also some attached informations .

We are truly sorry to be confronting you with this, but we can’t tolerate the current incidents and let them happen without any comments. The ON THE RUN team, especially Timo Macke, has invested too much dedication, effort and time in the project, to leave this undocumented.


The ON THE RUN team

In the case you are interested to get more information about the backround story feel free to continue reading…

Case history:

After 8 months of production, the first German graffiti magazine ON THE RUN gets published in March 1991 by Akim Walta. It was very popular and was soon gaining cult status. The ON THE RUN magazine was by the way the only source in Europe, where writers could order caps for spray cans (fatcaps, skinnycaps, softcaps, etc…).

In July 1997 the ON THE RUN team, motivated by Timo Macke, released the first OTR markers for the European graffiti market, which were distributed by the From Here To Fame GmbH / MZEE.

2005: During the restructuring of the From Here To Fame GmbH / MZEE the two owners Ralf Kotthoff and Akim Walta decided to separate the different sectors.

MZEE.com / Ralf Kotthoff and his team wanted to go to Lingen, while MZEE Records and other departments from Akim Walta planned to move to Berlin.

As longstanding and loyal employee from MZEE and developer of the ON THE RUN markers and products, Timo Macke got the commitment to be able to produce and distribute the ON THE RUN markers under a licence agreement.

Timo Macke decided to go to Lahr to work together with Jürgen Feuerstein, the chief executive of the Feuerstein GmbH, which includes the spay can brand MOLOTOW and MOLOTOW Distribution, who has been a long-time partner from ON THE RUN / OTR. In August 2005 Timo Macke moved to their headquarter in Lahr to work in a trustworthy cooperation and brought all OTR documents, supplier and distribution contacts, as well as newly planned products into the Feuerstein GmbH & MOLOTOW Distribution.

The facts:

March 2006

Due to several differences in some respects between Jürgen Feuerstein and ON THE RUN innovator Timo Macke conflicts occurred.

The main reason for the conflict, next to different business philosophies and commercial styles, was a different positioning regarding the share of the profit:

  • <LI style="PADDING-LEFT: 0mm; COLOR: #010101">Jürgen Feuerstein wanted 90% share of the profit.
  • Timo Macke referred to previous agreements and wanted 40% share of the profit.

April / May 2006

Akim Walta, the owner of the brand ON THE RUN, intervened and tried to arbitrate between the parties. After he examined both sides, Akim Walta clearly sided with Timo Macke. To avoid a complex law suit, the maximum claim got abandoned and an amicable arrangement has been made (date of signature: 31.05.2006), stating that the Feuerstein GmbH would (only) distribute the ON THE RUN products from now on, while the production and development of ON THE RUN would be done directly by the OTR team – effectively the same set-up that has been working well at MZEE for years, before Timo Macke moved to the Feuerstein headquarter in Lahr.

During the meeting of the parties the OTR team referred to the longstanding partnership since 1997 between ON THE RUN and MOLOTOW, which stated that both brands, MOLOTOW (spray cans) and ON THE RUN (markers), would support each other, not competing against each other. The OTR team clearly pointed out, that the competitive production of Molotow markers without involvement of OTR would immediately end the partnership.

June / July 2006

Within the 1,5-monthly cooperation between the MOLOTOW Distribution and ON THE RUN Jürgen Feuerstein (of MOLOTOW Distribution) did several offences against the amicable arrangement and violated agreements which were set out in writing. This led to massive tensions.

July 14th, 2006

Saturday the 14th of July, MOLOTOW Distribution informed the OTR team, that MOLOTOW markers were commissioned in the beginning of July, without the involvement of OTR. After verification of this information, the supplier further told the OTR team that Jürgen Feuerstein / MOLOTOW Distribution made an exclusive agreement with them, hence making it impossible to produce OTR products at this supplier.

Despite the fact that the contact to the supplier was originally brought by Timo Macke into the Feuerstein GmbH, further innovations of OTR products had been planned to be produced at this production site. These products were already presented to the Feuerstein GmbH & MOLOTOW Distribution as our newest upcoming products for their distribution.

July 18th, 2006

On the 18th of July the OTR team submitted a proposal for a last solution to Jürgen Feuerstein, which would have made it possible to keep on working together further on. The solution was regarding an agreement that ON THE RUN could still be producing its planned products at the supplier which Timo Macke brought in.

However, since Jürgen Feuerstein refused to accept this solution satisfyingly, the ON THE RUN team was bound to bring the cooperation between ON THE RUN and the Feuerstein GmbH immediately to an end.

Explanation for the outright close down of the cooperation between Jürgen Feuerstein / Feuerstein GmbH & MOLOTOW Distribution:

The longstanding partnership and cooperation was instantly cancelled, because the Jürgen Feuerstein / Feuerstein GmbH & MOLOTOW Distribution:

  • <LI style="PADDING-LEFT: 0mm; COLOR: #010101">offended the amicable arrangement <LI style="PADDING-LEFT: 0mm; COLOR: #010101">violated agreements which were set out in writing <LI style="PADDING-LEFT: 0mm; COLOR: #010101">did not stick to the partnership which was lasting since 1997. <LI style="PADDING-LEFT: 0mm; COLOR: #010101">made a supplier which OTR brought in, inaccessible for OTR <LI style="PADDING-LEFT: 0mm; COLOR: #010101">acts competitive against ON THE RUN
  • contacts other suppliers from OTR (see attachment)


Problems with the delivery of goods:

Jürgen Feuerstein alludes to problems with the delivery of goods in his letter mentioned above, which would be supposedly existing since the last 10 months. Concerning this, we can only reply the following:

  • <LI style="PADDING-LEFT: 0mm; COLOR: #010101">During the timeframe from August 2005 until April 2006 the production of the ON THE RUN markers has been done directly by the company Feuerstein. So, if there were any problems regarding the delivery during this period of time, Jürgen Feuerstein / Feuerstein GmbH & MOLOTOW Distribution have to take the responsibility themselves. <LI style="PADDING-LEFT: 0mm; COLOR: #010101">Mid May the first and last official order placed by the Feuerstein GmbH & MOLOTOW Distribution has been made. There were no other orders being placed. <LI style="PADDING-LEFT: 0mm; COLOR: #010101">Due to the circumstance that MOLOTOW Distribution does not input single products into their inventory control system, but rough product groups, MOLOTOW Distribution was not able to manage their stock effectively. With this scanty data the production of the OTR products was merely comparable to “flying blind”.
  • Due to the fact that the Feuerstein GmbH did not stick to agreements and did not provide us with necessary information’s, the basis of confidence was shattered and we did not have the feeling that we entrust large quantities to MOLOTOW Distribution (Feuerstein GmbH).

Having read our statement, everybody should be able to judge for himself, whether the main reason for the closure of the cooperation with Jürgen Feuerstein (MOLOTOW Distribution) has really been a problem with the delivery of goods.

As we already stated the cooperation was cancelled by us, not the other way round!

Company policy & “honesty”:

Well, if anyone speaks of “honesty” now, we can only say that in our recent experience with Jürgen Feuerstein / Feuerstein GmbH & MOLOTOW Distribution the cooperation was lacking of it.

In our evaluation of this experience we get the bad feeling that the short-timed cooperation with the distribution was merely delaying tactics to gain time to produce their own markers.

This would be tolerable, would the Feuerstein GmbH & MOLOTOW Distribution not use the know-how, preparatory work and contacts, which Timo Macke brought into the business. Timo Macke was working within the Feuerstein GmbH for MOLOTOW and ON THE RUN, but this did not result in any costs for the Feuerstein GmbH, since all expenses were covered by OTR, including the employer's contribution.


Jürgen Feuerstein / Feuerstein GmbH & MOLOTOW Distribution want to represent the innovator in the business who develops the newest ideas.

However, we have good reason to assume, that in near future copies of our existing and planned OTR products will be appear under the brand of MOLOTOW.

  • <LI style="PADDING-LEFT: 0mm; COLOR: #010101">Why else is Jürgen Feuerstein contacting our OTR suppliers?
  • Why else is Jürgen Feuerstein blocking a supplier for OTR?

As a precaution we will attach a selection of our planned OTR products to this letter, so nobody gets the impression WE would be the copycats!

We hope, that our counter statement helps to understand and value the situation, which really lead to the closure of the cooperation between OTR & MOLOTOW Distribution, opposed to the explanation Jürgen Feuerstein has been given.


With this in mind,

the ON THE RUN team, supporting graffiti culture since 1990


PS: Graffiti Rules:

A writer who copies ideas and styles is ill-reputed as a „biter“ in the scene.

„Biter“ are referred as „toys“ and do not deserve „respect“.

We followed these “Graffiti Rules”, as thousands of other writers around the globe, since centuries. This will definitely not be changed just like that, by the industry or other exterior influences

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I think you need to find someone who cares about this shit. You are trying to make money off street writers and sell them stuff right? People can find their shit on the internet, the last thing we need is pukes like you trying to turn a profit on us. Oh, sorry, I guess the last thing we need is pukes you trying to work your shit out on this board in front of us.


Let me make this simple..



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I actually found that pretty interesting. Hearing legal jargon in reference to graffiti products is so strange. My how things change.

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