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No arrows


no special effects


no crazy letters for right now kiddo


straight, simple letters....all the crazy wild GRAFFITI looking shit you want will come later on.


do not run before walking



that is all

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How long do i have to do simple letters before i can get into more advanced stuff?


Honestly, you never quit doing them. But I'd say AT LEAST 4 months.


Not to be rude, but there's a thread for each major city and paper chase, and a toy thread if that's where you think you belong. Just don't tak up bandwidth with new threads from now on.:huh:

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perfect? check that "B" son..and your "M" and "W", that ain't perfect. you got too many bumps on your M's apexes. there should only be two. same with W, only two points. find a computer an type an M and W @ like 48 point or higher an use a san serif font like Arial, a classic, an BOLD it! then you'll see whut i mean.


an that B, well, jus check tha cross bar an fix it. an viva_nasty has it right, clean your lines up. try making lines in one smooth motion, not choppy little strokes..even if you have to erase an go over tha ghost in one stroke, do it..eventually you will see your lines clear up naturally, an you won't have that problem anymore. you'll be able to create smoother, longer lines with relative ease. practice is always tha key, in anything you do!

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can anyone tell me where i go after ive mastered basic block letters?


And how i start spicing up my letters?


All i wants a simple answer

Everybody here was whack like you were.


This was me two-three years ago.





This is me now.









This is me and my crew member on the wall.




Once you understand letter forms and shapes, color schemes ETC. Everything becomes a breeze. Trust me. Very similar with trying to learn to Bboy, same routine, different artform.

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