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What famous people have you met?

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didnt meet em, but i saw a speech of his once. awesome



al gore

bill nye

bob bocker (sp? not the guy from price is right, the paleontologist)


i think thats it.



edit cus i remembered people i used to play basketball with


sheryl swoops

silk the shocker

master p

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i've gotten to interview some interesting people in the last year for a project... hilly kristal (guy who founded CBGBs), chuck d, steven pinker (very big name linguist/experimental psychologist at harvard), walt "clyde" frazier.... the 2 coolest interviews to do were alan dershowitz, at his office at harvard which is full of hate mail and bound transcript books of stuff like the oj simpson case, for whom he worked.... and judy blume, at her central park west apartment. she was super super nice, as you might expect.


and when i was 18 i nearly killed cindy crawford in nyc while rollerblading.

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i've meet (even though fame is petty shit)


lord jamel

sadat x

aesop rock on multiple occasions


jesse camp the cracked ass mtv vj

allison stewart

ed lover


Tim Russet

elton brand


Michael Ian Black


Mr.Lif on a few occasions




yeah, I met sadat x before, he was on some ol boy from around the way type stuff in Brooklyn, I saw him on atlantic ave shopping.


and it's good to see that Mr. Lif and virtuoso are doin it big these days.

those are my homeboys.

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Ben Stein was riding his bicycle around washington dc.. I managed to stop him and get a picture. very nice guy btw.. wasn't stuck up at all

ha, i met ben stein at my old high school. he was cool, then i won all his money.

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I met kid frost at a restaurant my aunt owned when i was staying out in LA and also Charles Barkley when he played for the bulls.





....lol....yea...kid frost......"whats happenin...que pasa?....yea....this is for la raza"......shit that was a dope music video too....i remember it had fools piecing in it...

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i worked at a carousel as a caousel operator and one day i had the poops rill bad and i was about to ask to leave on account of the non stop pooping i had been doing and who rolls into the carousel to ride or die but SAN QUINN. the rapper. i was totally blown away. he was nice guy.


owen wilson also came to the carousel and i served him up a fresh frank. shanghai knights had just come out. i was all totally like, " hey you were in that girl skate video." he paused and looked at me and said "yeah right." BOOYEAH! what a guy

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