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59/50 new era Caps and hipsters.

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I don't know if there is already a thread for this and am to lazy to search, but what the fuck.

Is anyone else the slightest bit annoyed by the fact that hipster/sceansters rock the 'gangster look' 59/50 caps. Shit I was on top of my game long ago with those caps because I acctually watch baseball, now I can't even walk down the street/ go to a party without seeing a million emo bitches with there stright brim to one side and bangs to the other, FUCK it just makes me kinda mad. Sorry if this thread sucks.:mad: :mad: :mad:

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i stopped wearing new era hats once this whole fad started. since i was in the fourth grade or so, i have worn fitted baseball hats, usually a navy blue detroit tigers hat, because of the D logo or a navy blue yankees hat, because i have always been a yankee fan. i still wear em' on occasion, but one night i was at a house party and some dude was there wondering why i would bend the bill, why i wasn't rocking it like everyone else. and i wasn't hip-hop. so, now i usually just wear my polo hats. i love the look of them, and you can throw them in the washer and they don't fuck up. this style needs to go the way of trucker hats.

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...and what's with all the rediculous desigs on them. they don't rock shit like this on the field.


are they trying to blend in into the outfield with these...



when did the Braves start rocking argyle sweaters on the field?



and seriously, what the fuck is this? is a chinease restaurant sponsering the yankees now!?


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Guest R@ndomH3ro

Fuck that, if you like baseball hats but stop wearing hats cause other "emos" are rocking it, you are lame as shit.


1. I wear New Era hats cause the are nice and other hats look weak or fake


2. I love baseball, and by my other million posts I am a huge Astros fan and I got all the "official" hats since Colt .45 days - to Present Star logo thingy they got now.


3. I rock the shit out of them all the time, and I bend the rim cause baseball hats are ment to have a "baseball" curve.


4. Fuck what ever everyone else is doing.

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