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Gettin some head....Smokin some weed..

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I didn't know if this belongs in cross-fire or not...but i thought the channel zero heads might have some fun with it...


July 01, 2006

Teen steals corpse's head to make bong


An 18-year-old from Vermont has been sentenced to prison for breaking into a tomb and cutting off the head of a corpse. Nickolas Buckalew, was convicted of intentionally removing or injuring a tombstone and intentionally disinterring and carrying away the remains of a human body. He faces between one and seven years in prison.


In April of 2005, Buckalew broke into a tomb, cut the head off a corpse and stole the eyeglasses and bow tie from the dead man. After wrapping the head in plastic bags, he carried it home. Buckalew told friends he planned to dry the head and then bleach it. His ultimate plan was to turn the dead man’s skull into a bong – a pipe usually used to smoke marijuana.


Police found the head while executing a search warrant at Buckalew’s home. They also found the necktie, a hacksaw, crowbar, garden trowel and two small parts of the damaged casket.


After the incident, the victim's widow, was told of the vandalism. "The widow was in shock," the local chief of police said. "She did not want any information. She did not want to know any details."


Buckalew addressed the court after his sentencing, saying, "It was a horrendous thing that I did -- what I did was appalling. I didn't think of the victim."


He went on to say he wants to get help for his mental problems.



link to this story:


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