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831 cali


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wow...please throw yourself, along with your camera, off a 100-story building. hopefully you drop into moving traffic and after belly flopping on concrete you'll then be turned into a bloody pancake by a 20 ton semi with bull horns on the front....and your camera will then cease to exist.............

thats not even on the toy level. thats some 2 year old bloody diarrhea diaper shit..


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im tired of everyone saying the only thing good in salinas is TSB. nobody in salinas thats in tsb writes there anymore. seriously. salinas aka toy city.






and why would you bump salinas hnr. they suck. all you salinas cats need to make your own thread err something. or just dont paint anymore.





wheres all the GOOOOD flix at?

that doesnt include salinas these dayz.


wheres mean zeus aura use euro noem oath at? those are the only good salinas heads that can paint.

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