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831 cali


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nah fuck that one...5 bucks says you are a straight edge faggot who thinks graffiti is cool because your homies with some toy ass clown that painted a few chill spots and thinks hes king, so now you have his dick so far up your ass his dick tip seaps out your mouth every time you talk..



and im out on that note....my daughter wants to go ride her bike...


5 buck this one took u 30 minutes to think of.

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stop quoting the pictures, we didnt wanna see them the first time, why would we wanna see them 3-4 more times.


and whats up with you salinas kids picking names that are already taken? there used to be a savage DEVR in santa cruz.


and i drove through east side today, and saw a KUMA and a WISE... first of all, KUMA is a super king already, and there is already an up YZER/WISER in salinas! get over yourselves kids, you guys ruined 12oz, you ruined the streets/tunnels in salinas, you RUINED 831 cali rep to EVERYONE WHO LOOKS AT THIS fuck you, i fucking hate you all, die.

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