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Pet Peeves - Summer'06

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no no no no....i think they were really getting down. and yeah, the sari is what i was refering to. like they were putting clothes back on after they got out of the car. he wasnt a wannabe gangster. he was just one of those greasy over confident young pricks.

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oh! which motherfucking reminds me. at the grocery store in my hood theres a self checkout where 4 terminals(two on each side) are open to one wide corridor. there is no sign that says "line starts here" and i saw no one waiting for a terminal. so, i wait behind a person using one, and a few minutes later people start making one line in the middle of the corridor, and no where else. some lady from that line takes my place as the guy is leaving when her skanky ass can see that i was waiting for it. sorry i didnt know that unwritten law around here you stupid bitch, but you took my place. and the store employees seem to want people to line up in the middle of the corridor, but theres no motherfucking sign. puh.

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- I live in a building with a few other appartments and a shared laundry room. There's one washer, and one dryer.

Have the fucking courtesey to FINISH your load of laundry. Someone left clothes in the dryer, AND left

wet clothes in the washing machine for over 7 hours one night last week. Other people have to use that shit too!

Yeah I took your shit out, dropped it on the dirty floor, did my wash and then put your clothes back where they were. Did you notice?

Didn't even read the rest of the thread yet. This pisses me off so fucking much. Those are the unspoken rules of apartment living. Time your stuff and move it along when it's done. Otherwise it's getting moved to the floor.


I had some 300 pound swamp trash asshole yell at me at a campground last year since she left her shit in the washing machine for 3 hours. I finally fucking move it, and she comes waltzing in and gets all heated. Fat fuck got pissed at me for moving her shit when there's 3 other people waiting to use the machine. Go fuck youself, oh wait, you can't reach your twat anymore.


Guess that's what I get for staying at a campground.:shakehead:

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hah...funny little paki. oh yeah! speaking of...i saw this indian girl with the flowy clothes and all that getting down with her scummy, wanna-be-hard summer fling in the park in the backseat of the luxury sedan her parents bought for her. i thought how nice it would be to let her parents know about it if i could watch the punishment ensue.


thats right...youre all brown to me.


funny you should mention this...

I pulled into one of my favorite "ciggarette" rolling spots and what do I see? an underage hooker going down on a scummy old man (at least I assume she's an underage hooker, theres lots of them addicted to crack here).

the only reason it's somewhat funny is because I was with my buddy, and we frequently roll "ciggarettes" at this spot... and it's not the first time we've seen said scummy old man catching brains from this little girl. she looks really young.... like 14-15 years old young.

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oh, also, when i saw a family leave their dog in their car while they went into the store. it was 98 degrees outside at the time. i should have said something, but they were inside and lost to me after i realized it.

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- when people say "I could care less" when they really mean the opposite. it happens all the time you'll notice.


- running out of teepee


- teepee that isn't on par with my standards.


- fair weather associates. (you bettaaa watch how close I get.)

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I agree on the bluetooth ear piece shit, it makes me want to punch people on thier ears regaurdless if theyer men or women.


also agree on shitty drivers

-tail gaters

-people that think they can race you on the freeway.

-people who drive thier shitty car like its a sports car or some shit


ghetto loud ass "niggas" and "bitches"


bayarea music. im proud and all to be from the bay but the music is shitty beyond understanding.




ignorant rich kids


rich kids


anything rich, unless its me.

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OK....Let the angry guy step up to the soapbox.....



-Douchebags who talk during movies. We don't care that you "knew that was gonna happen". We don't care that you are a very loud black woman who wants to say "nu uh!" after every scene. We don't care that you feel the need to explain it all to your dumb fucking girlfriend so you can look smart to her. We don't care that you need to make comedic comments to impress your hoodrat friends. I want to stab you in the face one thousand times with a hot poker in front of your babies.


-People that don't figure out how to get from point A to point B until they are at A and a half, sitting at the stop sign trying to decide..hhmmmleft, right or forward?....maybe i should go this way..but what if theres traffic..hmm...." GET OUT OF THE FUCKING WAY YOU DIRT WHORE!!!!!! SOME OF US KNOW THE ROUTE TO GET WHERE WE NEED TO GO BEFORE WE GET IN THE FUCKING CAR!!!!!


-Brand spanking, new Military guys comming into my shop looking to get one of the following"



People comming in my shop drunk to high hell and acting like it's a crime that we won't tattoo them. Seriously. No one wants you throwing up in thier chair. FUCK YOU GET SOBER AND TAKE IT LIKE THE MAN THAT YOU ARE GOING TO ACT LIKE TOMORROW WHEN YOUR CO-WORKERS ASK IF IT HURT AND YOU SAY "NAH...I FELL ASLEEP"....NO YOU PASSED OUT WITH PUKE ON YOUR SHIRT FUCKERMOUTH!


People who ask these questions..(and they ask them everyday.):

"Does it hurt? "Not as much as your annoying fucking question. Your fucking wife has a tramp stamp, ask her.

"Where does it hurt them most?" My ears. They ache from your incessant yammering.

"What should I get?" AIDS. Seriously, if you haven't gotten that far before you come in here looking to get something that will last FOREVER, then just quit now. Swallow glass forever you vapid rape victim.

"How much it coss fo a tat?" I spelled that one out like it sounds when your ghetto ass adresses me with said assanine questions. HOW MUCH DOES WHAT COST? WHAT DO YOU WANT? HOW BIG? WHERE ON YOUR BODY? HOW DETAILED? THINK FOR THREE SECONDS BEFORE YOU TALK. BETTER YET LET ME STAB YOU IN FROMT OF YOUR MOTHER YOU IGNORANT SKIN SACK!


-It's Christmas. You are in line. Its 30 people long. After waiting 45 minutes you are finally on deck. The woman in front of you brings her 90 gajillion items to the register and watches the poor cashier ring all her shit up. Then waits for the guy to tell her the total before she even begins to look in her purse for her checkbook. Then fucking asks "what store am i in again?" "what was the amount again" , THEN RECORDS IT IN HER REGISTER BEFORE EVEN TEARING OUT THE CHECK TO GIVE IT TO THE GUY! WHAT WERE YOU DOING IN LINE FOR FOURTY FIVE MINUTES? COULDN'T YOU HAVE DONE MOST OF THAT BESIDES THE AMOUNT WHILE WAITING? DIDN:T YOU REALISE THERE ARE 30 PEOPLE BEHIND YOU NOW? YOU COMPLAINED THE ENTIRE WAIT OF THE LINE AND NOW PROCEED T HOLD IT UP MORE YOU HAG.


-People who don't read the signs around them first. They just don't even bother. "wheres the new releases?" ON THE WALL INFRONT OF YOU UNDER THE HUGE "NEW REALEASES" SIGN, YOU LAZY SACK OF SHIT!!!!!


-When I worked in a bookstore I was always on the verge of killing people. Heres two things I can't stand.


-People who buy the cliff notes for CATCHER IN THE RYE. ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?


-Graffiti kids who don't respect regional styles as sacred and just feel that "hey if it's on the internet, why not rip it off?"






Graffiti writers who do big ass techno pieces, yet have no handstyle whatsoever, and also KIDS WHO CAN ONLY WRITE THIER NAME IN A HANDSTYLE. ALL OTHER WORDS LOOK LIKE CHICKEN SCRATCH. DUDE WORK HARDER.


-Peoples seeming need for instant gratification.





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^^you should go get a mango. eating it will make you feel better, i promise. unless youre allergic.


I agree on the bluetooth ear piece shit, it makes me want to punch people on thier ears regaurdless if theyer men or women.



is that the ear piece for cell phones that make people look like theyre a borg from star trek? shit is ridiculus. yes, all of you will become one someday...

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The fuckin kids that where Kurt Cobain and System of the Down T-Shirts and sit around and talk about bush and read Fight Club over and over again. Then you get into an arguement with them and they think theyre the smartest fuckin person on the planet. And no matter what you say they just come up with some completely retarded shit that barely even relates to the original topic.

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community fridge pilferers, just cause its there, doesnt mean its free! the fridge is not a buffet


I mean, I paid for my beers for me, not so you dirtbags can go into the fridge and take them, I don't care if your drunk or sober, you know you dont have beers in there so why the fuck take them without asking?

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